April 29th, 2017
The Trojan War is over. The glorious Greek heroes have triumphed. Hector and his comrades have perished valiantly defending their homeland. But as the city smolders, what happens to those left behind? Euripides’ masterful tragedy focuses on the human cost of war: the women and children displaced, enslaved, and slaughtered. After all the bloodshed, who is at fault? Euripides’ Trojan Women... Read more
May 11th, 2017
Hooding Ceremony for MAs and PhDs Thursday, May 11th 2:00pm - 4:00pm Student Union Memorial Center North Ballroom.RSVP online by Friday, April 28th. There is no charge for this ceremony and tickets are not required. The procession will begin at 2:00pm. Please arrive by 1:30pm at the latest.Cap, gown, and hood are required. RSVP ONLINE RSVP for Undergraduate Pre-Commencement... Read more
May 12th, 2017
Bachelor of Arts Ceremony Friday, May 12th 9:00am - 11:00am Student Union Memorial Center Grand Ballroom (North entrance).RSVP online by Friday, April 28th.  There is no charge for this ceremony and tickets are not required. There is no procession at this ceremony. Please arrive by 8:30am at the latest.Cap and gown are required. Due to limited seating, each graduate... Read more
July 10th, 2017
This three-week program focuses on providing students opportunities to develop writing fluency and confidence in academic writing through project-based activities. On a typical day, students spend the morning reading, writing, discussing, and presenting their writing.  In the afternoon, students attend workshops in which they experiment with various types of writing for different subject areas.... Read more