The University of Arizona


Religious Studies Program

The B.A., in Religious Studies is designed to coordinate the ample resources for the study of religion available at the University of Arizona and to make them accessible to undergraduates in the form of coherent and strong programs of study. The instructional functions are to administer and contribute to a structured curriculum designed for students who major and minor in Religious Studies as well as to provide courses designed to serve the general education needs and interests of students throughout the university. In these ways the students at UA will have the opportunity to include in their liberal education some concerted study of the fundamental importance and great variety of religion as a factor in the lives of individual human beings, and in the life of the global human community, past and present.

The program has been designed to demonstrate that throughout history, and even in these allegedly irreligious post-modern times, the values and concepts by which men and women lead their private and public lives are inscribed clearly in their beliefs and practices. Religious Studies seeks to meet the urgent need for religious literacy in the newly global environment of the present age.

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