Africana Studies

The University of Arizona is home to an internationally renowned program in Africana Studies. The program equips future leaders with critical thinking and communication skills that are in high demand in any profession.

The Africana Studies Program at the University of Arizona prepares future leaders of a global and diverse economy from North and Latin America to Africa and Europe. It offers an interdisciplinary major, a minor in hip-hop cultures, and a variety of internships and study abroad opportunities. The program embraces new technologies and is a leader in online offerings and digital humanities.

Study Abroad 

Study abroad programs take students beyond the classroom to a cultural lab – the world. Opportunities are available to study in Africa, Europe, the Caribbean, and the American South where you can advance your knowledge in the international spheres of education, business, technology, political economy, public health, history, social activism, and language and culture. Programs are available for a summer, a semester, an academic year, or over Spring Break. Substantial scholarships and financial aid are available.

Career Opportunities 

The Africana Studies Program's world-class faculty prepares students for four key vocational tracks: business and economic development, new technologies, education, and the arts. Additionally, graduates are prepared for careers in the diplomatic corps, international relations, law, counseling, social work, human rights, and more.

Degree Options 

  • Bachelor of Arts (B.A.)
    • African American History, Culture, and Aesthetics; Performance, Media, and Digital Africana Studies; or Comparative Global African Diaspora
  • Minor
School of International Languages, Literatures & Cultures