Center for English as a Second Language

"CESL teachers and students actively cooperate with each other. CESL helps students adjust to life and culture as well as improve language skills.” —Yeong Sik Ohn, Korea

Since the fall of 1970, when the University of Sonora in Hermosillo sent 22 engineers to the UA to perfect their English language skills before beginning their graduate degrees in the College of Engineering, CESL has trained thousands of undergraduate and graduate students from nearly 100 countries for academic study at the University of Arizona. As a self-funding unit, CESL strategically invests in marketing and recruitment efforts around the globe. In recent years, with a netwiork of recruitment agents and affiliate agreements, CESL has been recruiting many students to the UA. CESL directly transfers students to the UA which eventually translates into thousands of dollars in tuition brought to the UA via CESL students.