Advancing the Human Conversation:
The College of Humanities offers a context and a location for the vibrant conversations that create intellectual community and deepen international transcultural understanding.

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Because they are uniquely equipped with a deeper understanding of what it means to be human, our graduates choose pursuits about which they are passionate and through which they enact lasting and significant social change. Our reach exceeds our students to include local and global community members of all ages; thinkers, learners, and professionals across many disciplines; current students, alumni, future students and lifelong learners.

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The College of Humanities is pleased to recognize and reward our undergraduate students for their outstanding achievements.

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The field of Classics examines the languages and literatures, art, cultures, history, and material remains of the ancient Mediterranean world from approximately 3000 B.C.E. to approximately 500 C.E., with particular emphasis on the civilizations of Greece and Rome and their reciprocal relations with the surrounding societies of the Near East, Egypt, North Africa, and Western Europe. This field of study incorporates, and is based upon, the scientific principles of philological and...

The Italian Program in the School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers a diverse curriculum that includes courses on Italian language, literature, culture, cinema, and folklore — and it is home to the largest number of Italian majors in the country.

The French and Francophone Studies Program in the School of International Languages, Literatures and Cultures is a diverse community of students, scholars, and friends. Double and dual degree majors are highly marketable in the private and public sector and our undergraduates have great success pursuing advanced study programs.

The Humanities Seminars Program offers the community a wide range of classes from astronomy to archeology and from Shakespeare to film noir.  The Seminars have been one of the university’s most successful self-supporting functions.  Enrollments have grown to the point where classes are now offered year-round.  During its 32-year history, 304 not-for-credit seminars have been offered to close to 17,000 community members.

The Religious Studies Program prepares students to engage intelligently with the religiously diverse cultures of the United States and societies around the world. The Religious Studies major provides students with a broad understanding of human diversity, the complexities of social and cultural systems of thought, and the human pursuit of meaning. Combined with core academic skills in written and oral communication, the Religious Studies major prepares students to become independent thinkers...

The University of Arizona School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures (SILLC) is a federation of departments and programs in the College of Humanities. Double majors and dual degrees in SILLC are provided with knowledge and an increased understanding of the international landscapes and wide diversity of world cultures, languages, and literatures. Students may complete a double major, dual degree, or thematic minor one of SILLC's eight disciplines and most other majors/...

The department of Spanish & Portuguese at the University of Arizona offers students a comprehensive liberal arts education and provides them with a body of knowledge and the analytical skills necessary to undertake linguistics, cultural and literary investigations. Students perfect their language skills so that they are able to communicate their views effectively in the written and spoken language.

The Department of German Studies in the School of International Languages, Literatures, and Cultures offers an exciting curriculum that fosters students' linguistic and cultural competence. Students are immersed in German language, literatures, and culture through out three degree options.

Founded in 1979, The National Center for Interpretation Testing, Research and Policy (NCI) at The University of Arizona is dedicated to ensuring language access to Limited-English Persons. We offer a variety of services, including interpreter training and testing in both the legal and medical fields, and self-study materials to ensure interpreters reach a level of excellence required by the field. NCI also offers translation and conference interpretation services, as well as customized...

"Poetry is the food of the spirit, and spirit is the instigator and flow of all revolutions.” Since its inception, the Poetry Center has strived to live up to these words from founder Ruth Stephan. With nearly 70,000 items related to poetry in its collection, the Poetry Center is a living archive, a place where the spirit of poetry has served members of the community just like you for over 50 years.

Within this single space you will find opportunities to enjoy readings and lectures,...

The Department of Russian and Slavic Studies offers a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Russian. It provides instruction designed to develop competence in the Russian language, awareness of cultural traditions, and an understanding of literature and the arts. All Russian conversation courses are oriented toward developing proficiency skills as determined by nationally recognized proficiency guidelines.

"Cesl teachers and students actively cooperate with each other. CESL helps students adjust to life and culture as well as improve language skills.” —Yeong Sik Ohn, Korea

Since the fall of 1970, when the University of Sonora in Hermosillo sent 22 engineers to the UA to perfect their English language skills before beginning their graduate degrees in the College of Engineering, CESL has trained thousands of undergraduate and graduate students from nearly 100 countries for academic study...

The Writing Skills Improvement Program (WSIP) was established over 30 years ago in order to help students at the University of Arizona improve their writing skills and achieve academic success.Our program has a carefully selected staff of expert and committed instructional specialists/professional tutors. These writing coaches work one-on-one with students, staff, and faculty across all majors and degree programs. WSIP also offers regular writing workshops, custom workshops, and summer...

The Critical Languages Program offers less commonly taught languages (LCTLs) which are not available in traditional departments or formats at the University ofArizona. CLP is a unit of the College of Humanities and is affiliated with the National Association of Self-Instructional Language Programs (NASILP). The national professional and accrediting association is headquartered at the University of Arizona. Standards and procedures for the design and administration of self-instructional...

The Africana Studies Program at the University of Arizona prepares future leaders of a global and diverse economy from North and Latin America to Africa and Europe. It offers an interdisciplinary major, a minor in hip-hop cultures, and a variety of internships and study abroad opportunities. The program embraces new technologies and is a leader in online offerings and digital humanities.

The Department of East Asian Studies is dedicated to the study of the cultures and languages of China and Japan. The rich cultural heritages of the region are covered by courses in literature, history, society, religion and thought, linguistics and other aspects of culture.