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The Silkscreen Revolution: A Cuban Art Exhibit
Humanities Week 2014

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Poetry Center
The Poetry Center is proud to announce receipt of a 2014 Governor’s Arts Award. The University of Arizona Poetry Center accepted the award presented by Arizona Citizens for the Arts, the...
"What do technologies like geo-tagging, informatics and augmented realities have to do with humanities? Everything, according to faculty members at the University of Arizona College of...
Special Interest
Seniors Desiree Piazza and Joseph Shaw, and PhD SLAT student, Heather Smyser (MA in Russian, MA 2013), were selected in a national search for Interns for the Sochi Winter Olympics by...
Current Event
The relevancy of a humanities degree has been under fire in recent news. Debates about the marketabilty of graduates in the humanities in the work world have students and parents wondering, "...
Humanities Week 2014