Curriculum Review Process

The College of Humanities Curriculum Review Committee (COH CRC) was established in 1993. Prior to that year curricular course proposals were reviewed by the former College of Arts and Sciences Curriculum Review Committee. The associate dean is charged with oversight responsibility for initiating and implementing the college’s curricular review procedures and for ensuring college compliance with university procedures, policies and timetables.

Annually the COH CRC considers new course proposals within the established university curricular review timetable. Proposed new courses for graduate degree programs and for undergraduate majors, minors and electives are reviewed by COH CRC after having undergone departmental and program curricular review and approval. COH CRC also reviews revised departmental/program curriculum plans and proposals for new curriculum plans for units in the College of Humanities. Importantly, new course proposals for College of Humanities’ courses that form an integral and important part of the University-wide General Education program (Tier One courses and Tier Two courses) are first assessed at the COH CRC level before submission to the University-wide General Education Committee for review and approval.

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