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Humanities Matter!
Fri, 06/21/2013
Current Event

The relevancy of a humanities degree has been under fire in recent news. Debates about the marketabilty of graduates in the humanities in the work world have students and parents wondering, "What will I do with a degree in the humanites?"

The American Academy of Arts & Sciences released a study showing the effects of a lack of humanities on our society. Bottom line: the humanities matter. The skills that students learn studying the humanities gives them a broad spectrum of marketable skills that employers are now learning they will not get from other majors.

We invite you to join the debate by reading what has been written about the role of the humanities in today's world, icluding the study produced by the American Academy of Arts & Sciences.

The Chronicle of Higher Education, "Giving Employers What They Don't Really Want" 
NPR, "Lax Education In Humanities, Social Sciences Sparks Outcry"
Education Week, "The Path to Protecting Humanities and Social Sciences"
New York Times, "The Humanist Vocation"
The Boston Globe, "Humanities: The Practical Degree"
The Los Angeles Times, "The Soft Sciences Matter As Much As Ever"

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