2020 Robert A. Burns Lecture: The Christian Bible As A Text of Migration

Monday, January 27, 2020 - 6:00pm to 8:00pm
University of Arizona Poetry Center

6:00PM – Featured Guest Jacqueline M. Hidalgo

One of the first stories readers encounter in Genesis describes two migrants, Adam and Eve, leaving their first home and struggling to create a life in a new land. From Genesis through Revelation, the Jewish and Christian Bibles depict migration and responses to migration, and given the prominent role of the Bible in public life, politicians, thinkers, and migrants themselves have turned to those texts to think about just and appropriate immigration policies. Jacqueline M. Hidalgo will question some of these more contemporary political interpretations of the Bible and discuss the Bible as a text of migration.


Jacqueline M. Hidalgo is an associate professor of Latina/o Studies and Religion and chair of the Religion department at Williams College. She is the author of Revelation in Aztlán: Scriptures, Utopias, and the Chicano Movement (2016) and co-editor, with Efraín Agosto, of Latinxs, the Bible, and Migration (2018).


6:00PM – Panel Discussion: Religion and the Arizona Border


Fr. Sean Carroll, S.J., Kino Border Initiative

Eddie Chavez Calderon, Arizona Jews for Justice

Rev. Alison Harrington, Southside Presbyterian Church

Dr. Jacqueline Hidalgo, Williams College

Dr. Alex Nava, University of Arizona

Dr. Daisy Vargas (moderator), University of Arizona

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