Humanities Alumni

Ross Schwartzberg

College of Humanities 2023 Alumnus of the Year

Past Alumni of the Year

2023 Dolores Durán-Cerda
2021 - 2022 Jessica Polsky
2019 Dana Vandersip
2018 M. André Goodfriend
2017 Dante Lauretta
2016 Rick Ruth
2015 Brandy DeVelbiss Christian
2014 Eric Scott Baker
2013 Betsy Bayless
2012 Bennett and Jacquelynn Dorrance

Young Professional Achievement Award Recipients

2023 Jessie Bustamante
2021 - 2022 Jeffrey Powell
2020 Vijay Patel
2019 Megan Lisbeth Strang
2018 Elizabeth (Autumn) DiGaetano-Fedoruk

Fulfilling Careers

College of Humanities graduates have gone on to exciting careers around the world in a wide variety of industries. Our graduates develop the most sought-after skills in the global job market: communication, adaptability, intercultural competence, critical thinking, problem-solving, and leadership.

Alumni Directory

Autumn DiGaetano-Fedoruk
Head of Corporate Strategy
Blue Apron
I believe that my humanities degree continues to be the lynchpin to a successful career. My passion for cross-cultural understanding, desire to learn and understand language, and the curiosity to dive deep and wide into topics comes directly from my time in my humanities classes. Humanities taught me that understanding intersectionality is crucial to being successful in the professional world.
Samir Madden
Religious Studies
Human Resources Assistant
Catholic Community Services
The Religious Studies major has prepared me for the world by teaching me how to understand and interact with people from various cultures, backgrounds and religious patronage. When I was finishing my degree, I did research on the relationship between religion and disability, which showed how far society has come in the treatment of people with disabilities. 
Melissa Pitts
Latin American Studies
Account Director
FCB New York
Having a background in humanities allows me to have a more profound connection with my clients and their constituencies. With demographics becoming much more diverse, having a degree in Spanish gave me the background and platform to provide sound client advice when marketing to the Latino community through TV, print, digital and radio communication channels.

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