Geishas to Harajuku Girls: The Changing Femininity of Japanese Women

Monday, October 13, 2014 - 4:00pm
UA Poetry Center, Rubel Room 1508 E. Helen Street Tucson, AZ 85721

Join us as we kick off this year’s Humanities Week from October 13-17, 2014, presented by the College of Humanities. Meet famous and infamous groundbreakers of the past and delve into a world where gender boundaries are broken and cultural connections are made during the weeklong series of free events. Renowned faculty deliver engaging talks that are heavily focused on women and gender issues this year, exploring topics ranging from the femininity of Japanese Harajuku girls to images of cosmopolitan women of the German Weimar Republic.
To kick off the week, Professor Maggie Camp addresses the Western stereotypes that typically represent Japanese women as quiet, submissive, polite, and feminine. On the flip side, an average Japanese person may insist there is a lack of femininity exhibited by young Japanese women. But what is this ideal femininity? Does it really exist? Learn about the hegemonic norms and origins of modern femininity, and discover a variety of typical modern women who fall outside this “norm”.
All Humanities Week events are free and open to the public and most are held in the Dorothy Rubel Room at the University of Arizona Poetry Center, 1508 E. Helen Street, unless otherwise noted.  For more detailed descriptions of the lectures, please visit or call (520) 621-0210.

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