The College at a Glance

A common thread linking the many departments and programs in the College of Humanities is the contributions they make to our understanding of human societies. By developing innovative strategies for teaching that employ digital-age as well as traditional technologies, and by supporting cutting-edge research, the College offers a context and a location for the vibrant conversations that create intellectual community. In this way, COH continues to contribute economically, culturally, and socially to Arizona, the nation, and to international transcultural understanding.

The Defining Vision of the College of Humanities

  • Fostering an open and diverse environment where faculty and students engage in both broad and in-depth research, artistic creativity, humanistic inquiry, transcultural learning, and community involvement
  • Supporting and promoting world-class research in the Humanities
  • Encouraging students to become lifelong learners with skills in transcultural communication who think creatively and critically about themselves, their communities, and the world as they contribute to improving the human condition
  • Sustaining excellent undergraduate and graduate education designed to equip graduates for meaningful work and life-long contributions to society
  • Strengthening the impact of Humanities research by encouraging faculty and students to disseminate and transfer knowledge to other contexts where it can make a difference.
  • Expanding the visibility of Humanities research and teaching and advocating effectively for recognition of their social, cultural and economic significance

The College of Humanities Strategic Plan.