College Vision and Strategic Plan

A common thread linking the many departments and programs in the College of Humanities is the contributions they make to our understanding of human societies. By developing innovative strategies for teaching that employ digital-age as well as traditional technologies, and by supporting cutting-edge research, the College offers a context and a location for the vibrant conversations that create intellectual community. In this way, COH continues to contribute economically, culturally, and socially to Arizona, the nation, and to international transcultural understanding.

The Vision, Mission, Values, and Strategic Plan of the College of Humanities


The University of Arizona College of Humanities’ vision is to elevate lives, careers, and communities through innovative and fearless inquiries into the diversity of human belief, language, literature, and culture.

We envision a world in which all people experience a sense of belonging in healthy and inclusive communities that are empowered to work well together. The College of Humanities will lead the way by creating the transdisciplinary knowledge and practices that are essential for enriching human endeavor and for solving challenges at every level: local, planetary, and beyond.



The University of Arizona College of Humanities’ mission is to:

Inspire fearless and innovative humanistic inquiry;

Promote collaboration; critical thinking tempered by empathy and openness; traditional and emerging tools and approaches; and eager engagement with ideas, languages, literatures, and cultures;

Prepare diverse learners to reach their full potential and to respond to the world’s enduring and emerging needs;

Ensure that all voices are heard, with the aim of making the world a more just, equitable, and inclusive place.


Mores et Ἀρεταί [Latin & Ancient Greek]: Values

  1.  लीला līlā [Sanskrit]: Creative Play
  2. 仁 ren [Chinese]: Community & People
  3. Geschichte [German]: History & Storytelling
  4. Justicia [Spanish]: Justice
  5. Détermination [French]: Determination
  6. инклюзивность [Russian]: Inclusion
  7. 탐구 tamgu [Korean]: Exploration & Inquiry
  8. Integridade [Portuguese]: Integrity
  9. Compassione [Italian]: Compassion
  10. 適応力  tekiō-ryoku [Japanese]: Adaptability


The College of Humanities Strategic Plan.