College of Humanities Student Ambassadors

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College of Humanities Student Ambassadors represent the face of the college. This motivated group of interns embodies the qualities we wish to inspire in all of our students. 

Student Ambassadors assist college representatives at a number of recruitment-based and college-related projects and events throughout the year. These include:

  • Planning and executing department community-building events
  • Recording selfie-videos for social media
  • Tucson Humanities Festival...and many more!

What do Ambassadors do?

Student Ambassadors take part in a variety of interesting activities each semester. Among others are the following:

  • Interact with prospective high school students, transfer students, and their guests to explain the benefits of a Humanities major
  • Attend bi-monthly ambassador meetings
  • Other projects on an ongoing basis, including opportunities for projects in major departments

What are the benefits of becoming an Ambassador?

Becoming an Ambassador is a great way to more deeply connect with the college, faculty, staff, and other students. In addition, members will develop excellent communication, interaction and other important skills that translate to any career following graduation. Finally, participants earn internship units and an engaged learning notification on their UA transcript. 

Are you interested in becoming an ambassador? Learn More »