Coronavirus Information

Dear College of Humanities students, staff, faculty and friends,
The humanities are about understanding ourselves, understanding others, and understanding how people influence one another. In the face of a crisis that has altered innumerable aspects of our day-to-day lives, we draw on the humanities to maintain a sense of connection and to continue seeking meaning in the world. 
The College of Humanities is focused on doing all we can in these difficult times to support our students and maintain connections with our vast community of supporters. Our embrace of the digital humanities has aided in our transition to online learning as our dedicated faculty are making sure their students have whatever they need to excel. And in a broader sense, we remain driven by what has always been at the core of the humanities. As scholars, we are exercising fruitful imaginations in this most difficult time—imaginations that raise people up, create opportunities for growth, and contribute to a better world.
The lessons and perspectives from the humanities will resonate even more strongly as our world faces unprecedented challenges. Higher education will continue to evolve and we will work to ensure that humanities’ lessons — critical thinking, adaptability and compassion — will serve as a beacon to guide us forward.

The tremendous achievements of our students and your resiliency during this time is profoundly inspiring. Most notably our Humanities graduating class of 2020 will be remembered and honored for years to come. 
Our world-class faculty and graduate student research is more vital than ever. The College of Humanities’ sterling reputation and high rankings are a credit to the prestigious and ground-breaking efforts of our faculty. Their scholarship will resonate in a profound way and contribute to the discourse as our people of every nation reach out again, reestablishing those connections that make life meaningful and make this world a wondrous place. 

I encourage you to follow our social media channels where we have increased our efforts to share news and updates from the College of Humanities.  


Alain-Philippe Durand
Dean, College of Humanities


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Our priority is to ensure your academic progress is not disrupted during this time. If you need support or information, please contact our advising team and remember to check Trellis Advise for appointments.  Information related to more specific student concerns is available at the Dean of Students Office and Guidance for Research Students and Postdocs