The Book of the City: Exhibiting a Southwestern Urban Humanities

Tuesday, October 25, 2022 - 6:00pm to 9:00pm
Museum of Contemporary Art Tucson, 265 S. Church Ave.

How might a Charles Dickens tale find a homeland in the Sonoran Borderlands? The Book of the City is a new exhibition featuring projects by a team of scholars, artists and designers who use David Copperfield (1850) to anchor a site-specific “field studio” in the U.S.-Mexico borderlands. From digital installation to performance, sonic experiments to film, cartography to micro-publication, the exhibition explores questions about the relationship between arts and public-engagement, literature and everyday places, and authors and readers.

The exhibition will feature work by:
Harris Kornstein, Assistant Professor of Public and Applied Humanities
Yvonne Montoya, choreographer, artist, and founding director of Safos Dance Theatre
Jennifer Saracino, Assistant Professor of Art History
Kenny Wong, designer, urban planner and Lecturer in Sustainable Built Environments and Urban Planning
Kiana Lynn Macayan Anderson, English doctoral student
Stephanie Husman, Applied Humanities major
Gigi Robinson, Applied Humanities major
Cara Buchanan, Anthropology & Environmental Science major
Teagan Watkins, Applied Humanities major

(Doors open at 6PM, 7PM Artist Introductions & Performances, 6-9PM Exhibit Open to Public)

The Book of the City is made possible by the College of Humanities Dorrance Dean’s Award for Opening the Canon, a new Fearless Inquiries Initiative for driving experimental humanities research and teaching. The exhibition is connected to ongoing projects by Jacqueline Barrios and Jonathan Jae-an Crisman, Assistant Professors in the Department of Public and Applied Humanities, which is partnering to host the inaugural global Urban Humanities UnConference in March 2023.