Race and American Law

Wednesday, February 13, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Student Union Memorial Center, Rincon Room

The honorable Ronald A. Wilson, UA Title IX Director and a former presiding judge for the city of South Tucson, will speak about the historical relationships between the law and race in the United States. Wilson will discuss policy areas including criminal justice, housing, health care, education and legal topics like the Black Codes, Slave Codes, the Bill of Rights, sentencing guidelines, equal protection and due process. Wilson will examine historic and current legal doctrine to foster independent thinking about the relationship between American law and race to enable students to explore the interrelationships between them.

A former UA faculty member, Mr. Wilson has served as a chief diversity officer, equal opportunity administrator and investigator, agency open record officer, Title IX coordinator for gender equity in sport and Title IX investigator at Edinboro University in Pennsylvania. He earned his law degree from Northeastern University after attaining a bachelor’s degree from Syracuse University. Following law school, he was a John D. O’Bryant Community Fellow at the Northeastern University Otto P. Snowden Urban Law and Public Policy Institute. 

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