Seeking Understanding: Global Religions in Our Community

Tuesday, October 18, 2022 - 7:00pm
Health Sciences Innovation Building (HSIB), 1670 E. Drachman St.

Robert A. Burns (1934-2022), a University of Arizona Religious Studies professor for 45 years, taught thousands of students in his popular courses on comparative religions. His scholarly approach to the world’s plurality of religions centered on seeking understanding of human diversity and the human search for meaning. The University of Arizona Religious Studies program, which he founded, carries on that legacy today, focused on the rich diversity of religions found around the globe and throughout human history. By examining cultures around the world and in our own community, how does Religious Studies help us better understand humanity, past and present?

Faculty Panel:
Karen Seat (moderator), head of the Department of Religious Studies and Classics
Rae Dachille, Assistant Professor of Religious Studies
Scott Lucas, Associate Professor of Islamic Studies
Alex Nava, Professor of Religious Studies
Caleb Simmons, Associate Professor of Religious Studies

The Robert A. Burns Endowment was created in 2011 to honor the founder of the UA Religious Studies program, and is used to recruit and hire outstanding instructors and to support the Robert A. Burns Lecture Series. The 2022 lecture is the first since Dr. Burns passed away in June, at the age of 87.