Love Your Future

Career Readiness Workshop  

Friday, February 12, 2021 | 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. | Zoom

Humanities majors combine passion with in-demand skills. How do you translate the humanities education you love into a real-life career? There are more than 7 million humanities graduates in the U.S. workforce, in every occupation. Hear from experts and alumni from the University of Arizona College of Humanities at a CAREER READINESS WORKSHOP and take away valuable career advice and resources just for you. 
The two-hour workshop will include helpful tips for resumes, cover letters and job searches. The event will also feature a panel of distinguished alumni who will be available to share their perspectives from a variety of professions and industries. All current Humanities students and recent graduates are encouraged to attend!

This workshop has concluded. Supplemental materials are available here and a copy of each presentation is provided below the Speaker bios. 
Supplemental Materials


Three Strategies for Internship and Job Searching

Stephanie Springer, Internship Director and Senior Lecturer 
Department of Public and Applied Humanities

Stephanie is the Internship Director and a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Public and Applied Humanities. Since 2014, she has supported over 1500 University of Arizona students as they searched for, secured, and completed internships, locally and globally. During Stephanie’s graduate school and college career, she completed two internships – one with a research institute based in Tucson and the other with a national non-profit based in Washington, DC.

Three Strategies for Internship and Job Searching


Tips for Cover Letters and Resumes


Andrea Holm, Acting Director
Writing Skills Improvement Program
Andrea is the Acting Director of WSIP. She has extensive experience as a teacher, tutor, editor, and writing consultant and has worked in WSIP for over 10 years. Andrea coordinates special projects for WSIP, including the Graduate Writing Institute, Young Writers Institute, and People of Color Writing Groups. Andrea received her PhD in Mexican American Studies. She is an adjunct professor in the UA Mexican American Studies Department, as well as a published researcher, essayist, and poet.

Tips for Cover Letters and Resumes

Alumni Panel

Liza Raiser

B.A. German Studies 2002
B.A. Sociology 2002
HR Program Manager of Diversity & Inclusion | RAYTHEON

Jacob Shirley

B.A. Italian 2013
B.A. Psychology 2013
New Start Coordinator | UNIVERSITY OF ARIZONA

Nicholas Petsas

B.A. Classics 2014
B.A. Economics 2014
B.A. Political Science 2014
Analytic Consultant | WELLS FARGO

Maisal Goe

B.S. Microbiology 2014
Minor in Africana Studies 2014
Master of Public Health 2016
Healthcare Analyst | IASIS HEALTHCARE

Julia Domínguez

Ph.D. Spanish 2004
Associate Professor of Spanish | IOWA STATE UNIVERSITY

Leigh Jensen

B.A. Religious Studies 2015
B.A. Creative Writing 2015
Governmental Relations Associate | ARIZONA SCHOOL BOARDS ASSOCIATION