COH 2019 Young Professional Achievement Award: Megan Lisbeth Strang

October 9th, 2019

The College of Humanities 2019 Young Professional Achievement Award will be presented to Dr. Megan Lisbeth Strang, who says her study of language and culture was foundational to her career as a pediatric audiologist.


After finishing her bachelor’s degree in German Studies from the UA in 2007, Strang went on to earn a clinical doctorate in audiology from Ohio State University. She has worked at the Children’s National Health System in Washington, D.C. and University of Chicago Medical Center.



“In a perfect world, everybody can speak at least two or three languages, but in order to be able to do that you, have to be able to hear,” Strang says. “If I can get my patients hearing everything they need to hear, they can go out and pick up whatever languages they want and be able to have that much richer of a life.”


Strang will be honored during Homecoming festivities and will address current students and alumni at the College of Humanities Young Alumni Brunch.


“The emphasis that a humanities degree places on understanding other cultures and cultural differences has really helped me to be a more sensitive clinician,” she says. “As a pediatric audiologist, my humanities background and experiences studying, living, and working abroad help me provide empathetic and enhanced patient care to my many patients who have recently entered the country and/or do not speak English.”


This is the second time the College of Humanities has selected a Young Professional Achievement Award recipient. Established by the UA Alumni Association in 2010, the award recognizes alumni age 40 and under who have attained prominence in their field.


Building stronger connections with College of Humanities alumni is a primary focus for Dean Alain-Philippe Durand.


“The workforce is rapidly changing and a College of Humanities education gives students the foundation to succeed in any industry,” Durand says. “Our recent alumni have showcased the impact of those skills across numerous fields, exemplified by Dr. Megan Lisbeth Strang, a dedicated professional who demonstrates the value of humanities in healthcare.”