COH Alumni Share Insights in New Monthly Series

September 18th, 2020

The University of Arizona College of Humanities has launched a monthly series to connect alumni with current students in a virtual conversation about how a humanities education translates into career-ready skills.


Alumni Insights brings together working professionals and current College of Humanities majors for an informal question-and-answer session about how the skills learned in the classroom – such as critical thinking, communication, adaptability, intercultural competence – are meaningful both on the job hunt and in the workforce.


“The Alumni Insights series is an exciting new initiative that brings together some of our most outstanding alumni as they share valuable life lessons with our current students,” said Jenna Finfrock, Alumni and Donor Relations Manager for the College. “It’s really gratifying to see the students engage with these successful alumni from all different industries and sectors, knowing that they too will be able to pursue their passions once they graduate with a degree in the Humanities.”


Alumni guests have included Shaun Brown, District Planner for Tucson Unified School District and a 2005 graduate of the Africana Studies Program; Florence Luna, a IMD Product Controller for Goldman Sachs and 2015 graduate in East Asian Studies; and Autumn DiGaetano-Fedoruk, a 2005 Spanish graduate working as a corporate strategy consultant.


“Africana Studies aided in the enrichment of my historical knowledge, critical thinking, and the perspective of culture and diversity,” Brown says. “In my position, I have used this knowledge for cultural diversity and critical thinking to create Desegregation Impact Analysis reports, generate enrollment projections, and assist with facility master planning for TUSD. It is my goal to help support underrepresented communities whenever I am able.”


The September guest alumni will be Ciara Daniels, a 2018 graduate in both French and German Studies, who has taught English overseas and is pursuing a graduate degree in German Studies. Connect with Daniels on Friday, Sept. 25 at noon. Register here.


“College of Humanities graduates have gone on to exciting careers around the world in a wide variety of industries. Our graduates develop the most sought-after skills in the global job market, and it’s important to show current students how those skills can apply to any career,” says College of Humanities Dean Alain-Philippe Durand.