COH Congratulates Fall 2019 Undergraduate Students at Convocation Ceremony

December 19th, 2019

The Pre-Commencement Ceremonies for Fall 2019 graduate students graduates of the UA College of Humanities was held on the afternoon of Friday, December 20 in the North Ballroom at the University of Arizona Student Union Memorial Center.

Our faculty and staff salute this talented group of graduates and wish them all the very best in their future endeavors!

On behalf of the entire college, Dean Alain-Philippe Durand extends our warmest congratulations to:

Outstanding Senior
Frances Lee-Forbes

Humanities Ambassador Graduates
Jack Kauffman
Josie Quinn 
Sujin Seo

Bachelor of Arts Candidates

  • Erika Jean Albrecht  French, Anthropology 
  • Jerryd Bayless  Africana Studies                                           
  • Anastasia Marie Brown-Bibbus  East Asian Studies                                
  • Taylor Ariana Burghard  Classics, Theatre Arts                  
  • Melissa Iveth Bustamante  Russian                                 
  • Malorie Kiah Casper  Spanish, Law           
  • Itzel Elizabeth Cazesuz  Spanish                                       
  • Patrick Tiberius Centuori  Russian, Physiology                
  • Ziwei Chen  East Asian Studies, Studio Art     
  • Kimberly Contreras  Spanish; Care, Health and Society       
  • Danielle Mackenzie Damec French                                  
  • Michael Dale Engstrom, Jr.  Classics, History                   
  • Haley Rose Fauland  Italian, History, Political Science
  • Laura C. Fernandez  Spanish, Psychology  
  • Kelsey Grace Fischer  Spanish, Political Science                 
  • Brianda Fonseca  Spanish                          
  • Guadalupe Andrea Garcia  Russian, History                     
  • Andrew McKenzie Gordon  German Studies, Mathematics                       
  • Nathan Tyler Gosnell  East Asian Studies                           
  • Ian Berk Gurgoze  East Asian Studies                                 
  • John Thomas Kauffman  Spanish, English
  • Jarrett Ramsey Kunz  Classics, Political Science                 
  • Frances Elizabeth Lee-Forbes  Russian, Linguistics         
  • Tyler Scott Lee Russian, Linguistics             
  • Reilly Carver Lewis  East Asian Studies                              
  • Kaleigh Terese Little  French, Psychology  
  • Yon Benjamin Locher  German Studies, Chemistry             
  • Kayla Ann Millbrooks  French                                           
  • Gabriel Nsonge Moniz II  Africana Studies, Sociology       
  • Natalie Sarahi Moroyoqui  Spanish                                 
  • Thienan Nhan Ngo  East Asian Studies                               
  • Saul Isaac Ortiz  Spanish                  
  • Alannys Aguilar Quintero Spanish          
  • Juan Alberto Quiroz  Spanish, Journalism  
  • Lynette Ramirez  Spanish, Sociology          
  • Justin Michael Rauman  Spanish, East Asian Studies         
  • Kathryn Michelle Rhea  French, Film & Television            
  • Stewart Alan Rhodes  Africana Studies, Psychology           
  • David Humberto Robles  Spanish                                    
  • Sabrina Victoria Schmidt  Classics, Anthropology             
  • Sujin Seo  Classics, Chemistry
  • Farron Joanne Shanahan  Russian, Psychology                
  • Andrew Dallas Sherman East Asian Studies                                              
  • Saskia Isabeau Smidt  German Studies, Neuroscience & Cognitive Science  
  • Andrew Jacob Tinley  Spanish                                           
  • Olivia Karelly Torres  Italian                                              
  • Adela Ruth Traeger  Spanish, Public Health
  • James Prescott Trumbo  Italian, Biology  
  • Laura Damaris Vazquez  Spanish, Linguistics                   
  • Thatcher Bennett Warrick Hess  Spanish, History           
  • Cory Yi Williams  East Asian Studies                                   
  • Abigaile Wolff  Spanish                               
  • Xiaoxiao Zheng  Spanish