COH Congratulates Winter 2018 Graduates at Convocation Ceremony

December 14th, 2018

The Convocation Ceremony for Winter 2018 graduate students of the UA College of Humanities was held on the morning of Friday, December 14 in the North Ballroom at the University of Arizona Student Union Memorial Center.

Our faculty and staff salute this talented group of graduates and wish them all the very best in their future endeavors!

On behalf of the entire college, Dean Alain-Philippe Durand extends our warmest congratulations to:

Prospective Master of Arts &
Doctorate of Philosophy Candidates

  • Wid Allehaiby, Ph.D.  Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
  • Adam Baldry, M.A.  East Asian Studies
  • Essa Batel, Ph.D.  Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
  • Janelle Moser, Ph.D.  Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
  • Svetlana Popovic, M.A.  Russian
  • Christian Ruvalcaba, Ph.D.  Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
  • Kayo Shintaku, Ph.D.  Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
  • Laura Tellechea Cerna, M.A.  German Studies

Outstanding senior

  • Mely Bohlman

Honorable Mention

  • Hannah Dahl

Humanities Ambassador Graduates

  • Blayne Roach
  • Mely Bohlman

Prospective Bachelor of Arts Candidates

  • Karla Aceves  Spanish
  • Esperanza Acuña Luna  Spanish
  • Ryan Bailey  East Asian Studies, Information Science and Technology
  • Jessica Barber  Spanish
  • Mely Bohlman  Spanish, Environmental Sciences
  • Elaine Bridgewater  Classics, Geography
  • Caroline Cianciara  Religious Studies
  • Sean Conyne  East Asian Studies
  • José Coronado Barrios  Spanish, Retailing and Consumer Science
  • Jenna Cota  Spanish, Global Studies
  • Jennifer Cummings  French
  • Hannah Dahl  Italian, Journalism
  • Regino Dale  East Asian Studies
  • Ryan Darland  German Studies, Political Science
  • Caitlin Irene Davidson  Classics
  • Diana Fragozo  Spanish
  • Aria Gaitan-Altuna  East Asian Studies, Nutritional Sciences
  • Adilene Guevara  Spanish, Psychology
  • Felix Hackerott  Classics
  • Claudia Danitza López  East Asian Studies
  • Marirose Mandato  German Studies, Global Studies
  • Jocelyn Manquero  Spanish, Marketing
  • Angélica Manriquez  Spanish, Linguistics
  • Jimaral Marshall  Africana Studies
  • Brianda Martinez  Spanish
  • Milagros Mejia  Spanish, Physiology
  • Isabella Moreno  Spanish
  • Alma Mota  Spanish
  • Tommy Nguyen  East Asian Studies
  • Juan Pablo Peñaloza  Spanish, Management Information Systems
  • Vanessa Ponce Ayala  Spanish
  • Blayne Roach  Religious Studies, Physiology
  • Laritza Salinas  Spanish
  • Jamie Salmen  German Studies
  • Brenda Sánchez  Spanish, Public Health
  • Emerson Simpson  Africana Studies
  • Lyndsey Taylor  Classics
  • Kalyn Tejada  Africana Studies, Public Health
  • Jocelyn Thompson  Africana Studies, Criminal Justice
  • Jacob Tolliver  Spanish, Latin American Studies
  • Mayra Vargas  Spanish, Family Studies and Human Development
  • Selenne Yescas  Spanish; Speech, Language and Hearing Sciences