COH Student Ambassadors Move on with Ambitious Post-Graduation Plans

Thursday, May 10, 2018

College of Humanities Student Ambassadors assist the college in recruitment, events and serve as peer mentors to incoming students. Each year, the cohort includes some of the best and brightest students in the college. Dean Alain-Philippe Durand and Senior Academic Advisor Jeremiah Webb hosted the graduating Student Ambassadors for breakfast to discuss their plans after graduation. 

Ciara Daniels, French and German Studies

After graduation I will be taking a ‘TEFL’ course at CESL to earn my certification to teach English as a foreign language. I hope to spend one or two years abroad teaching, preferably in a French-speaking country, before starting graduate studies. I would either like to earn a Master’s in Teaching English as a Second Language or German Studies to continue my humanities education. I am confident that my two majors in the College of Humanities, French and German Studies, have helped me develop the skills I’ll need in the “real world!”

Kjersten Erickson, Russian and Business Management

After graduation, I plan on taking about a month off and then mid-June I will be starting full-time with GEICO under their Emerging Leaders Program. After this three-year rotation and gaining some experience, I hope to look into government work and international programs.  

Angel Encinas, German Studies and Linguistics

My future plans and ultimate goal in life would be to help critically endangered languages around the world through different revitalization methods and gathering data for research usage. After gathering data and documenting the endangered language, I would like to create an online repository where information on these various endangered languages can fully be accessed and preserved for future generations. In the meantime, I would like to become a teacher in order to gain and enhance my language instruction experience, so it can also be applied for future occupations such as in language revitalization efforts.

Miranda Lopez, Spanish and Political Science

I am exploring my options. I will be looking into South Korea to teach English, as well as an internship at the state capitol in Phoenix.

Jack Senna, Italian and Physiology

Throughout this summer, I plan to study for the MCAT, which I will take this fall. After that, I will be traveling across Japan and other countries while applying to medical schools.