College of Humanities Announces Chatfield Award Winners

December 13th, 2023

Dorrance Dean Alain-Philippe Durand is pleased to announce the recipients of the College of Humanities 2023 Helen H. Chatfield Awards.


The awards, which recognize exemplary teaching, research and service, were created in 2021 to honor the memory of alumna Helen H. Chatfield, who graduated from the University of Arizona in 1968 with degree in Spanish.


Chatfield, a successful investor and philanthropist, passed away in 2020 and left a gift to the College of Humanities in her will. The bequest, valued over $1 million, created the Helen H. Chatfield Endowment.


“We seek to honor her life, which was driven by curiosity and a sense of play,” Durand said. “These passions were consistently marked by her appreciation of work that introduced new voices and ideas to the world, or that brought to light significant figures whose contributions had been overshadowed.”


Durand said he chose to use the funds to specifically support and honor world-class faculty and support and encourage the College’s long tradition of being a leader on and off campus in diversity and inclusion.


The Helen H. Chatfield Awards each year will honor College of Humanities faculty members in four categories. The recipients are:


The Chatfield Award for Anti-Racist Research, Teaching, or Service

Brett Esaki – Assistant Professor of Practice, East Asian Studies

Award of $5,000


The Chatfield Impact Award:

Harris Kornstein – Assistant Professor, Public and Applied Humanities

Award of $5,000


The Chatfield Outstanding Tenured Researcher Award

Miquel Simonet – Professor, Spanish and Portuguese

Award of $1,000

The Chatfield Outstanding Untenured Researcher Award

Sunyoung Yang – Assistant Professor, East Asian Studies

Award of $1,000