Congratulations to Our Graduating COH Ambassadors

May 26th, 2022

Congratulations to our College of Humanities Student Ambassadors graduating as part of the Class of 2022!


Ruya Arce, majors in Spanish and Physiology.

Ruya plans to work as a population health technician at El Rio during her gap year, as she applies to medical school, using her Spanish to be the in-between for patients and providers, filling in care gaps within the clinic and easing the language barrier.


Adri Boudrieau, majors in Classics, Anthropology and Art History.

Adri plans to intern at the State of Arizona Bureau of Land Management and continue work on archaeology collections at the Arizona State Museum while also learning more languages and pursuing further education on museum studies and archaeology. Adri served as a College of Humanities Ambassador for the past three years.


“Humanities has given me a great amount of communication and problem solving skills. The most important however is the ability to empathize and understand diverse people and cultures so I can come to understand them and their struggles to make more inclusive spaces,” Adri said.


Ernesto Cabrera, majors in Spanish, Psychology and Communication.

Next, Ernesto will pursue his master's degree in higher education and work as a graduate assistant. His goal is to provide services and support for students, and drive student learning outside of the classroom, while advocating for students to receive the resources and opportunities necessary to ensure they have an empowering and worthwhile educational experience. Ernesto served as a College of Humanities Ambassador for the past two years


“I strongly believe that my humanities skills will benefit me greatly post graduation. My humanities major taught me how to think critically, creatively, reason about being human, and to ask questions about the world around me. As I continue on my education and working within the education field, I believe that my humanities skills will enable me to understand others and give me the sufficient skills to advocate for equitable education and eliminate the opportunity gap for underrepresented students. Ensuring that students are able to meet their academic and personal goals to the fullest extent,” he said.


Brittany Nicole Chiuccariello, majors in Spanish and Rehabilitation Studies Service.

Brittany accepted a position as a physical therapy assistant here in Tucson and will begin working on her application to medical school. Brittany was a College of Humanities Ambassador for one year.


Cameron Dockens, majors in Religious Studies and Neuroscience and Cognitive Science.

Cameron plans to take a gap year to gain work experience and decide on the specific program(s) he is interested in studying further in grad school.


“I know that in whatever field I choose to go into, my Humanities education has prepared me with the critical skills I need to work effectively with others, especially those from different backgrounds. I am prepared now to connect with people from all types of backgrounds and lead with better cultural understanding and compassion,” he said.


Natali Dueñez, major in Applied Humanities (Business Administration emphasis).

“My Humanities skills will benefit me after graduation because I have developed problem solving, collaboration, & leadership skills that can be transferred into any job field,” she said.


Ming Sun, majors in East Asian Studies (Chinese Culture) and Psychology.

Ming plans to continue on the academic path, starting a Master’s program at the University of Pennsylvania with plans to ultimately earn his Ph.D. Ming was a College of Humanities Ambassador for one year. 


Sam Whitthorne, majors in Classics and Philosophy, Politics, Economics and Law.

Sam plans to take a gap year and landed a position with the Department of Justice in Washington, D.C. before entering law school. His goal is to practice transactional law.


“In all my Classics courses, I have honed important skills: reading closely, writing clearly, analyzing arguments, and thinking critically about texts. These are all essential to the study and practice of law. I also have learned a fair amount of Latin, which should give me an advantage when it comes to recognizing many legal terms,” he said.