Double Award Winner Madison Doser: COH Outstanding Senior & Centennial Award

December 16th, 2022

Congratulations to the College of Humanities Outstanding Senior for Winter 2022, Madison Doser, an Honors student double majoring in Applied Humanities: Public Health emphasis and Law!


Doser is also one of two recipients of the University of Arizona’s 2022 Centennial Achievement Undergraduate Award, given to students demonstrating outstanding personal growth, academic success, integrity, and persistence to achieve a college education.


A first-generation student, Doser is graduating with a 4.0 GPA and resume that includes a variety of diverse extracurricular activities, including volunteering with the campus Disability Cultural Center, contributing to climate change research with the campus-based Arizona Climate & Health group, tutoring at the campus Think Tank, and serving as a preceptor in an upper-division Public Health class. A College of Humanities Student Ambassador for two years, Doser was selected to represent the University of Arizona on the Leadership Council of the National Humanities Center.


“We are all here today because we made the choice to study the human experience. We chose this path because we care about people, the systems that affect them, and the manner in which we engage with the world,” she told her fellow graduates at Friday’s convocation. “I think we all have a little desire to change the world around us. That’s why we’re here, graduating college after surviving Zoom University and a pandemic that turned our worlds upside down. We are here because we persevere. It is with our drive, courage of conviction, and the endless stories we’ve acquired here that we will all be able to change the world.”


Doser was competitively selected for a Summer 2022 internship with the American Public Human Services Association in Washington, D.C., and continued her position beyond the original internship, working remotely throughout the fall semester. She plans to attend law school and focus on civil rights and healthcare, with the ultimate goal of improving the well-being of women and children.


“Ms. Doser is an exceptional scholar, a strong leader within and outside of the classroom, and makes meaningful contributions to the college, university, and national communities,” said Stephanie Springer, Principal Lecturer & Internship Director for the Public and Applied Humanities, who had Doser as a student for the past three semesters in upper division Applied Humanities courses and nominated her for the award.


“Ms. Doser’s time at the University of Arizona has been marked by her persistence to achieve a degree while demonstrating excellence in transdisciplinary learning experiences, a dedication to enriching life in the community and beyond through public facing projects, and an embodiment of the joy that the study of the humanities offers those who seize the opportunity,” Springer said.


Another faculty nominator, Assistant Professor Jonathan Jae-an Crisman of the Department of Public and Applied Humanities, said:


“Out of all of the brilliant students I have had the privilege of teaching and mentoring during my time in the College of Humanities, Madison Doser has stood out. She is incredibly intelligent, a creative maker, an enthusiastic collaborator, and COH community member. As a classroom leader, she has guided projects which apply the humanities toward making the world a better, more enlivening, and beautiful place,” Crisman said.