Memo from Dean Alain-Philippe Durand

November 9th, 2020

Dear College of Humanities Students, Staff, and Faculty,


As we have been exploring for the last month in the Tucson Humanities Festival, justice, equality, and freedom are among the most important ideals we hold in the College of Humanities. With the U.S. election behind us, the work of building a better world continues, each of us making our best contributions as we’re able.


Here in COH, we strongly believe in, and will continue to advocate for, an equitable and respectful environment for all. Moreover, our pursuit of justice, both on campus and around the globe, is ongoing work to which we must constantly rededicate our efforts, regardless of our national leaders or our shared global health crises.


It is worth reiterating this important message from the College of Humanities Diversity Statement: “We are steadfast in our goal to advance the ideals of diversity, inclusivity, and equity in everything that we do.” 


The humanities are what prepare us for strength in adversity and humility in times of ease. Their study gives us the tools to retain hope, practice and teach resilience, and guide ourselves and our students toward a more inclusive and equitable future. The humanities presume that it is the inherent dignity of all people that connects us one to another, despite our differences.

With hope for the future,
Alain-Philippe Durand
Dean, College of Humanities
University of Arizona