Provencher Selected for Inclusive Leadership Program

June 11th, 2020

Denis M. Provencher, Professor and Head of the Department of French and Italian, will join the University of Arizona’s 2020-2021 Inclusive Leadership Cohort Certificate program.


Provencher is one of 13 faculty and staff members chosen for the program, which is strategically centered on advancing the University’s core values of inclusion, integrity, compassion, adaptation, exploration, and determination.


The Inclusive Leadership Cohort Certificate program is managed by the Office of the Provost, the Office of Inclusion and Multicultural Engagement and the Office of Leadership and Organizational Development.


I’m looking forward to working alongside an impressive group of peers in the ILCC program who come from such diverse sectors of the university community and I’m hoping to apply what I learn in the College of Humanities and my home department,” Provencher says. “During my time as a fellow of the UA Academic Leadership Institute in 2018-19, I discovered I could unite my research on intersectionality and LGBT+ issues with my work in academic administration to focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion. We are always a stronger team when we have diverse thinkers sitting together at the table.”


Provencher follows three College of Humanities participants selected for last year’s cohort: Abraham Acosta, Associate Professor in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese; Sumayya Granger, Associate Director of Program Administration for the Center for English as a Second Language; and Andrea Holm, Senior Program Coordinator for the Writing Skills Improvement Program.


“The College of Humanities is devoted to upholding the principles of inclusive leadership and ensuring that all of our faculty, staff and students have equitable opportunities,” says Dean Alain-Philippe Durand. “I am thrilled to see Denis Provencher selected for this program and have the opportunity to direct his leadership efforts in this vital area.”


The ILCC program seeks to diversify the pipeline of emerging University leaders to include faculty and staff from diverse and underrepresented backgrounds.


Along with the HSI Fellows and Future Leaders Workshop Series, the ILCC is a component of the UA Inclusive Leadership Program (ILP). The ILP advances the University mission through:

  • Building the next generation of leaders.
  • Retaining top-performing faculty and staff by deepening their engagement and connection to the University.
  • Leveraging our HSI identity to advance leadership efforts in diversity and inclusion.
  • Strengthening interdisciplinary collaborations between faculty and staff in strategic areas such as student enrollment and retention. 
  • Fostering mentoring networks to meet needs of our diverse faculty and staff.