Ceremony Guidelines & FAQs

For Fall/Winter graduates, the College of Humanities offers one convocation ceremony on Friday, December 15, 2023 at 9:00 AM in the Student Union Memorial Center Grand Ballroom honoring both graduate and undergraduate degree candidates. 

For Spring/Summer graduates, the College of Humanities offers two distinct ceremonies. A Hooding Ceremony honoring our graduate students (all MA and PhD degree candidates) will be held on Thursday, May 9 at 2 PM in the Student Union Memorial Center North Ballroom. A Convocation Ceremony honoring our undergraduate students (all BA, BS, BIS, and BGS degree candidates) will be held on Saturday, May 11 at 7 PM in Centennial Hall. 

The official University of Arizona Commencement in Arizona Stadium takes place on Friday, May 10, 2024. A separate RSVP is required to attend the official commencement. 

If you are an undergraduate (BA/BS/BIS/BGS), you will need to check in at the door, and you will be directed to sit within the designated student seating section. Students will process to the stage from their rows, in the order they are seated. There is no alphabetical order. Upon check-in, you will be given a NAME CARD. You will fill out your card with your name and major(s) as you’d like to be announced on stage. When your row is called, you’ll be directed to stand in your row follow staff directions to process across the stage. Once at the reader’s podium, you will hand the card to the reader before crossing the stage. (You’ll have a chance to make sure your name is spoken clearly and correctly.) 
After crossing the stage, you will be directed to exit the stage area and return to your seat.  You must remain seated until all names are called to give each graduate equal time to be recognized.

If you are a graduate student (MA/PhD), you will need to check in at our designated Welcome table. We’ll confirm your attendance as well as your faculty hooder. At the May ceremony, all graduate students and faculty will assemble in the lobby for procession into the ballroom to a designated seating section.  At the December ceremony, all graduate students will be directed to an assigned seat, and ushered to stage to process ahead of the undergraduate students. Seating is not alphabetical at either ceremony; you will rise from your seat when your name and your hooder’s name are announced. Once announced, you will walk to the center of the stage and greet your hooder. Once you are hooded, you will greet the Dean to collect your medallion before exiting the stage.  

All MA and PhD candidates attending in-person must confirm your intent to attend and invite a faculty member to hood you at the ceremony. Your registration will allow you to complete these steps, but it's highly encouraged that you connect directly with your Graduate Service Coordinator (listed below) to confirm your graduation plans and/or changes.
SPANISH: Isela Gonzales-Cook 
SLAT: Debbie Shon Buhler 
Lindsey Frazier Fera

For the Spring undergraduate ceremony in Centennial Hall, guests tickets will be required for entry. Tickets will be available for pick-up in April and instructions will be provided at that time. Registration is required, and you will need to indicate the amount of tickets you would like on your registration. You and your guests will be provided instructions for entry to Centennial Hall.

Guest tickets are not required at the Winter ceremony or the Spring graduate ceremony (MA/PhD candidates) in the Student Union Memorial Center. On the day of the ceremony, your guests will be directed to the open seating area provided throughout the ballroom.   

You must purchase a cap and gown (and hood for MA/PhD candidates) from the Student Union Bookstore. Bookstore staff are on hand for fitting and specific regalia inquiries. Note, Humanities tassels and stoles are white in color. Tassels can be worn on the right side for the entire ceremony. Business/Business Casual attire is acceptable to wear underneath your graduate regalia.

Honors cords are distributed by the College of Humanities at the annual Dean's List Recognition event on September 29, 2023. If you are eligible and did not receive a cord, you may request to pick up a cord at the Dean's Office prior to the convocation ceremony. (Note, cords will not be distributed any earlier than Oct. 3, 2023.)  Humanities Honors Cords are distinguished by four categories:  
Highest Academic Distinction – Red/Navy/Gold
Academic Distinction – Red/Navy
Dean's List with Distinction – Red
Dean's List – Navy

We have a tradition to gift every graduate with a medallion in recognition of your degree and achievement in the College of Humanities. You will collect your medallion when you cross the stage, and graduates attending virtually may request a medallion by mail in your registration.  

Please let our Event Team know if you require assistance or more information for any special accommodations you require. All ceremonies have wheelchair-accessible access to the stage as well as wheelchair seating for graduates and guests attending the ceremony. The ceremony will be live captioned both online and in-person. In addition, the ceremony is translated in Spanish and a transcript is provided in guest programs to follow during the ceremony. 

This is an exciting celebration for everyone in attendance. After crossing the stage, you will be directed to return to your seat promptly and remain seated until all names are called to give each graduate equal time to be recognized. We allow ample time after the ceremony to take photos with family, friends, professors and the Dean. Please do not attempt to greet family/friends or leave the seating area during the ceremony as it can cause a disruption and is disrespectful of the students still to be recognized.

Family and friends may take photos of your moment on stage, but must adhere to the specific location guidelines for photography: 

For the ceremony in Centennial Hall, a professional photographer will capture each student as they cross the stage. The photographs will be provided to all students at no cost. More details are forthcoming regarding delivery and other specifics of this service. Families may NOT approach the stage or leave their seating area to take pictures due to location safety rules. 

For all ceremonies held in the Student Union Ballroom, there is a center aisle that can be used to take photos. We ask that anyone taking pictures please remain behind the ropes and return to their seats promptly. Note, there are no other official photos that will be made available to you at the ceremonies held in the Student Union Ballroom.

Volunteers will hand out printed programs at the ceremony entrance. Extra copies will be available. A Spanish translation is provided online.  

We will display a continuous reel of celebratory student slides prior to the ceremony.  Slides are optional and will not be projected during the ceremony when your name is called. 

We will be video recording and live streaming the event. You can direct family and friends to watch at humanities.arizona.edu/live at the ceremony date/time (Arizona Standard Time). On the following Monday after the ceremony all graduates will receive a link to the video or you can find it on the main Humanities Convocation page. 

All guests will be required to follow campus health and safety protocols in place at the time of any event as well as adhere to any existing state and local guidelines. The current University policy can be found here.