Spring Convocation

The Humanities Convocation is a celebration just for you, our College of Humanities graduates! It is a lively and intimate ceremony that will give your family and friends an opportunity to hear your name called and cheer on your achievement as you cross the stage, greet Dorrance Dean A-P Durand and collect a special Humanities medallion.

Friday, May 13, 2022
9:00 AM
Student Union Memorial Center Grand Ballroom
1303 E. University Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85719
Attire: Cap and Gown required
Doors open at 8:00 AM, pre-show starts at 8:30 AM and the ceremony begins promptly at 9:00 AM.  
Watch Live Stream here!

Note, RSVPs are encouraged but not required to participate in person at the undergraduate ceremony. However, if you plan to attend virtually, you MUST RSVP to have your name announced during the live stream ceremony. If your name is listed below, you will be included in the printed program, but only those graduates in attendance (and virtual RSVPs) will be announced on stage by name.

Thursday, May 12, 2022
2:00 PM
Student Union Memorial Center North Ballroom
1303 E. University Blvd., Tucson, AZ 85719
Attire: Cap, Gown, Hood required
Doors open at 1:00 PM, procession assembles in lobby starting at 1:30 PM and the ceremony begins promptly at 2:00 PM.
Watch Live Stream here! 

Note, RSVPs are required to participate in graduate ceremony.

Visit this page for helpful FAQs and other ceremony guidelines. If you are graduating this spring or summer, and have not yet done so, you will need to apply for graduation in UAccess right away. Please visit Graduation Services for instructions on how to apply and other important information. 

If you have further questions about the ceremonies, please contact coh-events@email.arizona.edu.

Spring/Summer 2022 Candidates
Master of Arts (MA) & doctor of Philosophy (phd) 

Zcheecid Aguirre  MA | East Asian Studies
Natalie Amgott  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Stanislaus Awini Asaale Jr  MA | French
Matthew Robert Ball  MA | Spanish
Allyson Blanck  MA | Classics
Chen Chen  PhD | East Asian Studies
Feng Chen  PhD | East Asian Studies
Junyuan Chen  PhD | East Asian Studies
Ellen Deemer  MA | Spanish
Ahmad El Sayed  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Helena Escalera Lopez  MA | Spanish
Rosalva Flores-Aleman  PhD | Spanish
Amaury Gama  MA | Spanish
Xiao-Li Kai Glahn  MA | French
Mandy Han  MA | German Studies
Ayana Hatsuda  PhD | East Asian Studies
Matthew Conner Lee Hillin  MA | Classics
Mingyuan Hu  MA | East Asian Studies
Noah Huang  MA | East Asian Studies
Kevin Larger  MA | Russian
Edward Martinez  MA | Spanish
Alejandro Martinez  PhD | Spanish
Angela Matute Sanchez  PhD | Spanish
Oliver McArtor  MA | East Asian Studies
Lola McCoy  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Jacob Monzigo  PhD | Second Language Acquisition and Teaching
Ian Christopher Morgan  MA | Classics
Mikuko Nagashima  MA | East Asian Studies
Colin Patrick Omilanowski  MA | Classics
Michelle Ort  MA | Russian
Eric Patterson  MA | East Asian Studies
JuliAnne Nicole Rach  MA | Classics
Sebastian Alberto Rahmer  MA | East Asian Studies
River Roland Ramirez  MA | Classics
Cole Matthew Smith  MA | Classics
Darcy Elaine Stubbs  MA | Classics
Yu Tian  PhD | East Asian Studies
Dora  Valencia  MA | French
Melissa Guadalupe Vasquez  MA | Spanish
Brigette M Walters  PhD | Spanish
Jie Xiang  MA | East Asian Studies
Jingjing Xu  PhD | East Asian Studies
Amy Fuselier Yurwit  MA | German Studies
Linjiao Zeng  PhD | East Asian Studies

Spring/Summer 2022 Candidates
Bachelor of Arts (BA) & Bachelor of General Studies (BGS) 

Eileen Acosta   Spanish | Psychology 
Aika Adamson   Classics  | Linguistics 
Christine Akers   General Studies  
Melissa Alcantar  General Studies
Jordan Allen  General Studies
Eric Alley  General Studies
Aaron Ament  General Studies
Brian Anderson  General Studies
Lily Anderson  General Studies
Isabella Anghel   East Asian Studies | Philosophy 
Jaciara Araujo  General Studies
Ruya Arce   Spanish | Physiology 
Alexandra Artemieva   Russian | Political Science 
Natalia Avalos  General Studies
Gemma Ayer   German Studies | Political Science 
Alexander Bacon   Russian | Economics 
Rebecca Bargo   Spanish | Psychology 
Harrison Barr  General Studies
Christopher Barraza  General Studies
Emma Barrington   Applied Humanities  
Charlize Bartolini   Spanish | Communication 
Brianna Becerra-Yanez   Italian | Global Studies 
Nathaniel Benavidez  Spanish | Psychology
Jared Bereskin  General Studies
Hunter Besore  General Studies
Julissa Bey Villegas   Spanish | Psychology 
Jillian Big   Religious Studies | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law 
Isabel Black  Applied Humanities  
Stewart Block  General Studies
Kristen Blomstrom  General Studies  
Hernando Bobadilla  Spanish  
Summer Booth  Spanish  
Emma Bosworth  General Studies  
Adri Boudrieau  Classics | Anthropology | Art History
Ali Brendel  General Studies
Miki Brett  General Studies
George Bria  General Studies
Chris Brown  General Studies
Dennett Brown  French  
Michelle Brown  General Studies
Grace Bryars  French | Global Studies 
Antonia Bucka  World Literature  
Sean Bullivant  French  
Katherine Bush  French | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science 
Ernesto Cabrera  Spanish | Psychology | Communication
Sophia Caldwell  General Studies
Evan Callahan  Classics  
Valeria Campuzano  Spanish | Pharmaceutical Sciences 
Jocelyn Carleton  General Studies
Kaelyn Carlson-Shipley  Applied Humanities  
Jayden Carrifee  General Studies
Mallory Cash  General Studies  
Mirna Chamberlin  Classics  
Ya Chun Chang  East Asian Studies  
Taylor Chavez  General Studies
Brittany Chiuccariello  Spanish | Rehabilitation Studies & Services 
Spencer Clark  General Studies  
Margaux Clement  French | Journalism 
Catherine Clifford  General Studies  
Jennifer Cloney  General Studies  
Samuel Cohen General Studies  
Ryan Conrad  Russian | Political Science 
Lonny Coots  East Asian Studies  |  Italian 
Jade Craig  General Studies  
Tobey Crelley  General Studies  
Adam Curtis  General Studies  
Talitha Cuthbertson  German Studies | Criminal Justice Studies | Psychology
Betul Czerkawski  Russian  
Yilin Dan  East Asian Studies  
Gang Dao  General Studies  
Cesar Davila  General Studies  
Natalia De La Vina  Spanish | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science 
Zoe DeFalco  Religious Studies | Psychology 
J’lynn Delgado  General Studies  
Sofia Delgado-Alcala  Spanish  
Armen Demirjian  General Studies  
Alexandra Devereux  French | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law 
Carlos Diaz  General Studies  
Marlene Diers  World Literature  
Miranda Dillon  Italian | Natural Resources 
Cameron Dockens  Religious Studies | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science 
Nicholas Dos Santos  General Studies  
Hannah Doskicz  Spanish | Physiology 
Natali Duenez  Applied Humanities  
John Dunn  General Studies  
Jennifer Duran-Gamez  Spanish | Law | Political Science
Jacob Egestad  Spanish | Computer Science 
Madison Embrey  East Asian Studies  
Alejandra Encinas Garcia  Spanish | Law 
Blake Ensign  General Studies
Kaylee Erickson  General Studies
Carl Exantus  Africana Studies  
Capri Fain  Religious Studies | Journalism 
Nicholas Faulkner  General Studies
Zyonna Fellows  General Studies
Maxwell Fine  General Studies
Victoria Fiori  General Studies
Natasha Fisher  General Studies
Preston Flack  General Studies
Ruth Flamenco  General Studies  
Thomas Flynn  General Studies  
Isabella Foigelman  General Studies
Kennedy Frost  French | Political Science 
Katelyn Furtney  Classics | Philosophy 
Luis Garcia  Spanish  
Isabella Garcia  General Studies
Shane Gardiner  Classics | Philosophy 
John Gardner  Spanish | Communication 
Spencer Garrett  General Studies
Sean Garza  General Studies
Jolie Gaun  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences 
Olivia Gibbons  East Asian Studies | Creative Writing 
Mehkyla Gibson  General Studies
Joseph Gietl  General Studies
Madison Gilbert  Spanish | Film and Television 
Blake Giles  Spanish | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science 
Jared Glassman  General Studies  
Evan Goldstein  General Studies
Jordan Golenberg  General Studies
Joseph Gonzalez  General Studies
Nicholas Gonzalez  General Studies
Angel Grijalva  Religious Studies  
Nadia Groce  Africana Studies  
Regina Gulli  General Studies
Lauren Gustafson  Applied Humanities  
Natalia Guzman-Vergil  General Studies  
Sarah Hagner  Spanish | Political Science 
Emily Hale  Classics | Anthropology 
Nicholas Hall  German Studies  
Juanita Halle Keaton  Africana Studies | Information Science & Technology
Charles Hallene  General Studies  
Bridget Hamilton  French  
James Hanna  Applied Humanities  
Hannah Harper  General Studies  
Abby Hauser  General Studies  
Austin Haymore  General Studies  
Kyle Haynes  Spanish | Economics | Political Science
Matthew Heeren  Spanish  
Mary Heisler  East Asian Studies  
Jonathan Heldt  Italian | Law 
Crystal Hendricks  General Studies  
Dionna Henry  General Studies
Dalea Hermanson  Russian  
Karla Hernandez  Spanish | Public Management & Policy 
Ana Cristina Hernandez  Spanish  
Cheleah Herrera  General Studies  
Emilio Holguin  General Studies  
Hunter Horetski  General Studies  
Nicholas Hubbard  Spanish | Music 
Daniella Hull  Spanish | Law 
Kaylyn Ills  East Asian Studies  
Christian Jackson  General Studies  
Donna Jallits  General Studies  
Krystn Janicek  Religious Studies | Dance 
Lilymarie Jimenez  General Studies  
Hima Jivan  Spanish | Molecular & Cellular Biology 
Issaiah Johnson  General Studies  
Mia Jones  General Studies  
Tamia Jones  General Studies  
Nicole Jones  East Asian Studies | Dance 
Savanna Jones  Africana Studies | Criminal Justice Studies 
Brandon Jurdzik  General Studies  
Sean Kenneally  General Studies  
Alyza Khan  French  
Rymok Kidane  Spanish | Law 
Tanya Kiriazov  General Studies
Keegan Koch  General Studies   
Andrew Kostainsek  General Studies  
Matthew Koveleskie  General Studies 
Kate Kutches  General Studies
Justin Kramer  General Studies  
Paola Lamadrid  Spanish | Family Studies & Human Development 
Joe Larger  Italian | Nutritional Sciences | Physiology
Melody Lau  East Asian Studies | Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 
Brenda Lehan  General Studies  
Lawrence Lerma  Religious Studies | Information Science & eSociety 
Nga Fei Leung  East Asian Studies  
See Ling Stephanie Leung  East Asian Studies  
Grace Levine  General Studies | Judaic Studies 
Spencer Lewis  General Studies  
Sophie Lhuillier  Spanish | Linguistics 
Audrey Lim  Spanish | History 
Joseph Littel  General Studies  
Xingchen Liu  General Studies  
Yutong Liu  General Studies  
Mia Loisel  Applied Humanities  
Michelle Long  General Studies  
Karen Lopez Castillo  Spanish | Sociology 
Natalia Lopez  Italian
Yihui Lu  East Asian Studies | General Studies 
Julianna Lucero Alvarez  Spanish  
Michael Lynch  General Studies  
Yuang Ma  General Studies  
Justin Mackie  East Asian Studies |  French 
Anna Magurany  French  
Jesse Mainor  General Studies  
Illyonna Manigault  Africana Studies  
Anthony Margules  Applied Humanities | Gender & Women’s Studies 
Cole Marshall  General Studies  
Stacey Marshall Jr  General Studies  
Sara Ivana Martin Mangas  French | Art History 
Vicente Martinez  Applied Humanities  
Lorena Martinez  Spanish | Family Studies & Human Development 
Ana Martinez  Spanish  
Sydney Mathis  Spanish | Law 
Samantha Mathis  French | Computer Science 
Daniel Mays  Africana Studies  
Robert McCann  East Asian Studies | Anthropology 
Nikolas McClaughry  General Studies
Madison McCormick  Spanish | Journalism 
Kenneth McDaniel  General Studies  
Annicka Mcdonald  General Studies  
Hallie Meara  General Studies
Conner Mendel  General Studies  
Melissa Mendivil  General Studies  
Bella Mendoza  Spanish | Journalism 
Reyna Menocal  Spanish | Accounting 
Elizabeth Merchant  East Asian Studies | Management Information Systems 
Rebecca Meyer  Spanish | Information Science & eSociety 
Claydene Miguel  General Studies  
David Miller  General Studies
Nicholas Miller  General Studies  
Jeremy Miller  General Studies
James Millett  General Studies
Jacqueline Molina  Spanish  
Joey Montes  Religious Studies | Psychology 
Oscar Montoya  Spanish | Linguistics 
Sophia Mora  Spanish  
Samantha Moran  Spanish | Psychology 
David Moreno  General Studies  
Jake Morin  Russian | Global Studies | Psychology
Tyler Mortensen  General Studies  
Matthew Mrazik  French | Linguistics 
Iriana Munoz  Spanish | Family Studies & Human Development 
McKenna Murphy  Applied Humanities  
Tara Murthy  Applied Humanities  
Emily Nazi  General Studies  
Keifer Neerhof  General Studies  
Bellah Nelson  French | Journalism 
Yana Nemanova  Russian | Molecular & Cellular Biology 
Cody Newcomb  General Studies  
Kelley Nez  General Studies  
Ashton Norman  General Studies
Nina Ocampo  Applied Humanities   
Carlos Ochoa  General Studies  
Blanca Olea  Spanish | Care, Health and Society 
Anna Oliver  French  
Ian Orringer  German Studies | Political Science 
Chris Ortega  General Studies  
Bianca Ortega  Spanish  
Brandon O’Sullivan  Classics  
Stephen Ott  Spanish | History | Latin American Studies
Victoria Pagaduan  Spanish | Law 
Caroline Palmer  Spanish | Physiology 
Shawn Parnell  General Studies  
Alexa Paxson  General Studies  
Matthew Payton  General Studies  
Jamie Peterson  East Asian Studies | History 
Teresa Pham  French | Electrical & Computer Engineering 
Miguel Pier  General Studies  
Amanda Platt  Classics | Ecology & Evolutionary Biology 
Marren Pollack  Applied Humanities
Elizabeth Prado  Applied Humanities
Kenzington Pratt  Spanish | Psychology 
Rylan Pugliese  East Asian Studies 
Nathaniel Purtell  Spanish | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law 
Emma Quick  Spanish | English 
Quinn Rainer  General Studies  
Valeria Ramsay  Spanish  
Cecily Rauh  Applied Humanities  
Emeline Rhoads  Applied Humanities  
Laura Rios  General Studies  
Rafael Rios-Martinez  East Asian Studies | Linguistics 
Joseph Rivard  Applied Humanities  
Charles Robertson  Religious Studies | Creative Writing 
Reinhilde Robinson  General Studies  
Jon Rogers  General Studies  
Clementina Rojas-Viso  Spanish | Communication 
Claire Rosenberger  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences 
Avery Ruff  French | Literacy Learning & Leadership 
Cristina Ruguone  General Studies  
Megan Rumble  Russian | Physiology 
Sydney Rummel  Religious Studies | Physiology 
Bradley Rzewnicki  General Studies  
Eduardo Saavedra  General Studies
Dan Saenz-Borja  General Studies  
Alexis Salinas  French | Physiology & Medical Sciences 
Myra Sallet  General Studies  
Gavin Sampson  Russian | Political Science 
Garrett Sanchez  General Studies  
Ivan Santamaria  General Studies  
Kathryn Scarberry-Rudzitis  General Studies
Kathryn Schafer  Classics  
Cara Scheibe  World Literature  
Samuel Scherer  Religious Studies | Judaic Studies
Shannon Schmitt  Spanish | Psychology 
Matthew Schuchmacher  General Studies
Michael Schwab  General Studies
Karen Seabert  General Studies  
Lisa Sene  Italian | Literacy Learning & Leadership 
Aramis Sennyey  Russian | Computer Science 
Christian Sepulveda  Spanish | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law 
Emily Shad  General Studies  
Sydney Shanine  Applied Humanities
Andrea Shields  General Studies
Rachel Silva  East Asian Studies  
Maria Siqueiros  Spanish | Finance 
Kyra Skuse  Russian  
Logan Slater  General Studies  
Annie Sleeper  General Studies  
Kiah Sleiman  French | Biochemistry 
Amber Smith  East Asian Studies  
Tanner Smith  French | Physiology & Medical Sciences 
Erin Smith  General Studies  
Aeden Soland  Classics | Creative Writing 
Alicia Soto Obregon  Spanish  
Leslie Soto-Torres  General Studies  
Emani Spencer  Africana Studies  
Culhane St John  General Studies  
Margaret Stafford  Classics | Russian 
Kali Stecker  Applied Humanities  
Bryan Stevenson  Russian  
Sergio Suarez  Spanish | Psychology 
Ming Sun  East Asian Studies | Psychology 
Sierra Sutton  General Studies  
Erin Sye  General Studies  
Jessica Sylvester  General Studies
Dante Tamez  General Studies  
Horatio Tarazon  General Studies
Patrick Taugher  French | Business Management 
Ethan Ten  Applied Humanities  
Mateo Terrazas  General Studies
Andrew Thomas  General Studies
Andrew Thomas  General Studies  
Etienne Thompson  East Asian Studies | Computer Science 
Sydney Tidd  German Studies  
Brennin Tidwell  General Studies  
Maria Torres  Spanish | Applied Humanities 
Thomas Trudeau  Applied Humanities  
Yizhao Tu  East Asian Studies | Anthropology 
Michael Tuohy  German Studies | Computer Science 
Sarah Turner  General Studies  
Manuel Valencia  General Studies  
Marcus Valle  Spanish  
Cory Vanderkolk  General Studies  
Jessica Vandling  East Asian Studies  
Annete Vasquez  French | Political Science 
Ielyzaveta Vilchynska  Applied Humanities  
Veronique Villalba  Spanish | Environmental Studies 
Noemi Villalobos Ruiz  Spanish | Care, Health & Society 
George Vollmer  East Asian Studies | Linguistics 
Aubrey Walters  General Studies  
Patrick Warden  General Studies  
Nicholas Watson  General Studies  
Emma Weaver  Spanish | Political Science 
James White  General Studies  
Samuel Whitthorne  Classics | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law 
Emily Wilcox  General Studies  
Alden Willett  Applied Humanities  
Harrison Williams  Africana Studies  
Umajesty Williams  General Studies
Abigail Williams  Religious Studies | Criminal Justice Studies 
Jack Wilson  General Studies  
Calvin Wilson  General Studies  
Melissa Wise  General Studies  
Jackson Wong  Classics
Garrett Woolridge  General Studies  
Ryan Wootten  General Studies  
James Worth  General Studies  
Yunbei Xu  Classics | Anthropology 
Zhiyi Yao  General Studies
Lingxiao Ye  East Asian Studies | Economics 
Bendu Yeaney  General Studies  
Paige Yerian  Spanish | Political Science 
Sarah Yockey  German Studies | Anthropology 
Sydney Young  Religious Studies | Physiology 
Ivan Zaharchenko  General Studies  
Lexus Zambrano  Spanish | Psychology 
Carlos Zarabia  General Studies  
Miriam Zavala  Spanish | Retailing & Consumer Science 
Yuanye Zhang  East Asian Studies  
Taige Zhang  General Studies
Iyana Zimmerman  General Studies  
Coy Zindel  General Studies