May 2020 Virtual Convocation

The College of Humanities celebrated Spring 2020 convocation in a live viewing celebration on Friday, May 15. A compilation of videos from our virtual event is available now on YouTube and Vimeo

NOTE TO GRADUATES: Our video includes a slide reel of all prospective graduating students from our college, listed below, as of May 6, 2020. *If you created an embellished slide through Marching Order, we have compiled a slideshow that plays directly after our ceremony video. Watch your mail in June; all graduates listed here will receive a medallion and a printed copy of the convocation program. If your plans and university circumstances permit, we invite you to join us at our Winter 2020 or Spring 2021 convocation ceremony to be personally recognized for your acheivement. Congratulations! 

If you have any questions, please contact

Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) Candidates &
MASTER OF ARTS (MA) Candidates

Amani Alageel  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Olapeju Alfred  M.A. German Studies
Jenna Altherr Flores*  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Hicham Assaoui  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Joan Bajorek  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Adolfo Bejar Lara  Ph.D. Spanish
Stephanie Brock Gonzalez  Ph.D. Spanish
Elif Burhan*  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Jonathan Burks  M.A. Classics
Laurie Clark*  M.A. German Studies
Anita Dodzidenu  M.A. Spanish
Helen Durst M.A. Russian
Patrick Franco  M.A. Spanish
Borbala Gaspar*  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Morris Germansky*  M.A. Spanish
Julia Gorham  M.A. French
Ana Luisa Guimaraes de Santana  M.A. Spanish
David Tyler Hodgin  M.A. Russian
Lilia Hugues-Galindo  M.A. Spanish
Farnoosh Jafarian* M.A. French
Samantha Korns  M.A. Russian
Xiaoxuan Li  M.A. East Asian Studies
Mariela Lopez  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Miranda Lovett  M.A. Classics
Shuang Luo*  Ph.D. East Asian Studies
Michael Main  M.A. Classics
Adam Marquez*  M.A. Spanish
Janette Montejano M.A. Spanish 
Linus Morales  M.A. East Asian Studies
Vanina Morrison  M.A. Spanish
Luke Munson  M.A. Classics
Nicholas Nelson  M.A. Classics
Javier Nido  M.A. Spanish
Xiaowen Nie  Ph.D. East Asian Studies
Michael Norris  M.A. Second Language Learning & Educational Technology
Timothy O'Connell  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Rina Ornelas Ybarra  M.A. Spanish
Julia Pare  M.A. Classics
Adriana Picoral S.M. Scheidegger Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Irina Potapova*  M.A. Russian
Samantha Richter  M.A. Classics
Miriam Rodriguez Guerra  Ph.D. Spanish
Nicole Schmidt  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Paul Schmitter M.A. French
Alvaro Serrato  M.A. Spanish
Amanda Shufflebarger   Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Alexey Shvyrkov  M.A. Russian
Bruna Sommer Farias*  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Lauren Souter* M.A. Spanish
Angel Steadman   Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Emily Stroble* M.A. East Asian Studies
Jordan Swanson  M.A. Classics
Michael Swantek  M.A. Classics
Chikako Takehara* M.A. East Asian Studies
Abigail Taleon* M.A. French
Tanya TerceroPh.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Chelsea Timlin  Ph.D. Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Gertus Van Der Vyver*  M.A. German Studies
Yi Wang*  Ph.D. East Asian Studies
Cecilia Yocupicio  Ph.D. Spanish
Linjiao Zeng   Ph.D. East Asian Studies
Lu Zhang  Ph.D. East Asian Studies
Yingyue Zhu  M.A. East Asian Studies
Gioia Zoli*  M.A. French

Bachelor Of General Studies (BGS) Candidates

Kenneth Abbott  General Studies   
Ben Abrams  
Africana Studies  
Maria Acuna-Baltierra
* Spanish | Political Science 
Jazlyn Aguirre* Spanish | Family Studies & Human Development
Juliana Ahumada  Italian | Natural Resources 
Jahnavi Akella  Russian | Political Science 
Lauryn Albizu Garcia* Spanish | Linguistics 
Johann Alejandre  General Studies   
Austin Alexander  
General Studies   
Jaffer Ali  
General Studies   
Chase Alkire  
General Studies   
Bo Anderson
General Studies  
Leila Ardebilchi
General Studies  
Milka Arias Garcia
*  Spanish  
Adrian Ariza  Spanish  
Maverick Arnold  General Studies   
Allen Arvizu
*  General Studies   
Amber Arvizu  
General Studies  
Reyna Atwell
*  Italian | Psychology 
Cameron Axelrod  General Studies  
Steven Bailey  
General Studies  
Takai Bailey
*  General Studies   
Cameron Behning  
Applied Humanities  
Xavier Bell
Applied Humanities  
Darian Bemis*  East Asian Studies | Linguistics 
Gabriela Berigan
* Spanish | Chemistry 
Shahira Bibars  French | Political Science | Sociology
Sarah Boatright  General Studies   
Annalaura Bombarda
*  Italian | Psychological Science 
Olivia Bowers  East Asian Studies | Physiology 
Dymond Bradley  Italian | English 
Mike Breitenbecher General Studies  
Lindsay Briese
*  Religious Studies | Psychology 
Vincent Briscoe  
General Studies  
Andrew Brooks
General Studies  
Nate Brown  
General Studies  
Lorenzo Burns  
General Studies   
Brynn Campagne
*  General Studies
Jesse Campbell* German Studies | Economics 
Kelsey Camps
*  Spanish | Public Health 
Rigel Carlson
*  German Studies | Systems Engineering 
Monica Carranza
  Applied Humanities  
Marlen Carrillo  
Samuel Carsky  General Studies    
Camelin Carter  
Spanish | Psychology 
Kelcey Cavarra  General Studies  
Joseph Chan  
East Asian Studies | Information Science & Technology 
Ethan Chang*  Russian | Political Science 
Griffin Channer  Spanish  
James Childs*  General Studies    
Laci Clark
*  General Studies  
Matthew Clark  
General Studies    
Melia Cobb  
Africana Studies  
Samantha Cole  
General Studies   
Jacob Collins  
General Studies    
Manuel Colores  
Classics | Anthropology 
Keegan Cook  General Studies  
Kaelyn Cooper  
Africana Studies | Theatre Arts 
Adilene Cordova  General Studies   
John Costas  
General Studies    
Courtney Crawford
  German Studies | Finance 
Jack Crawford  General Studies  
Daniel Cronen  General Studies   
Devyn Cross  
Africana Studies  
Michael Curiel  General Studies   
Dennis Dash  
General Studies  
Natalie Davis
*  General Studies  
Noah Lee Dettman
*  East Asian Studies | Theatre Production 
Jack Donlon  General Studies  
Dalvinder Dosanjh
*  General Studies
Allison Doty  Spanish | Anthropology 
Callie Doughty  
General Studies  
Meagan Dowell  
Religious Studies  
Demetrius Drake*  General Studies
Yutong Du  General Studies  
Sara Dumke
*  General Studies  
Noah Durant  
General Studies
Molly Eisele  Religious Studies  
Michael Engstrom  
Classics | History 
Marilyn Escalante Duran*  Spanish  
Daisy Esquivel
  Spanish | Economics 
Andrew Estes  Classics | Anthropology 
Grace Faerber*  East Asian Studies | Global Studies 
Zhiyun Fan  
General Studies  
Sean Farrell  
Religious Studies  
James Fauscette  General Studies  
Tony Fields  
General Studies  
Jordan Flecker  
General Studies  
Braulio Flores  
General Studies  
Jessy Forelli  
Spanish | Biochemistry | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Alec Foster  General Studies  
Abraham Foulkes
*  General Studies  
Erika Freeman
*  General Studies  
Monique Frisby
*  Spanish | Linguistics | Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Victoria Frost  General Studies
Kyle Fulmore  General Studies
Celeste Gabaldon*  General Studies
Amaury Gama*  Spanish | Latin American Studies 
Bobby Gamba*  Classics | Anthropology 
Wallace Gan  Spanish  
Shengjun Gao  
General Studies
Esteban Garcia  General Studies  
Gerardo Garcia  Spanish  
Soroya Garcia-Munford  
General Studies  
Eduardo Garcia Velasquez  
General Studies  
Griffin Gardner
*  General Studies
Jake Garfield  General Studies  
Brandon Garivaldo
*  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences 
Isabelle Garofolo  General Studies
Felicia Gass  Classics | Linguistics 
Toma Ghiran*  Italian | Anthropology 
Hannah Gohlke  
General Studies  
Taylor Gonsalves
*  Applied Humanities | Communication 
Mike Gonzalez General Studies
Tarynn Gragg General Studies 
DeLoyd Gray  
Africana Studies  
Breanna Greenberg
*  General Studies  
Cailey Grega  
General Studies  
Rianna Ashton Griffith
*  Africana Studies | Political Science 
Kate Gross*  Spanish | Film and Television 
Katherine Guerra-Morgan  
Spanish | Care, Health and Society 
Brianna Guggino* Spanish  
Zhenghao Guo  General Studies  
Ian Gurgoze  
East Asian Studies
Giselle Gutierrez*  General Studies 
Edgardo Guzman*  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Jason Hale  Applied Humanities  
Tyler Hampton*  General Studies  
Debra Han  
General Studies  
Mandy Han
*  German Studies | Industrial Engineering 
Chase Hanlon  General Studies  
Christopher Hanna  
General Studies  
Arica Hanson  
Classics | Sociology 
Fatu Harmon  General Studies 
Emily Harnois
*  Spanish | Physiology 
Maddie Harris*  General Studies  
Priscilla Hart  
General Studies  
Taylor Haskin  
General Studies  
Aja Haymore  
Africana Studies  
Alexis Heath  Spanish | Communication 
Michaela Heilig*  General Studies  
Erin Heller  
General Studies
Emily Henderson*  General Studies  
Lydia Hermida  
General Studies  
Jeff Higby
*  General Studies  
Jordyn Hill
  Spanish | Psychology 
Julia Hillock  French  
Carolina Hines  Spanish | Retailing & Consumer Science 
Alysonn Hoffmann
*  Italian | Music 
Hunter Hogue* Classics | History 
Christian Holland*  General Studies  
Trenton Hollenbeck  
German Studies | Mathematics 
Jasmine Hong  General Studies
Nicole Houston  General Studies  
Kayleigh Howton
*  General Studies  
Christopher Hoying  
General Studies
Jackson Hoyt  General Studies
Katie Hull  Spanish | Political Science 
Zack Huster German Studies  
Thomas Hylton  Italian | Anthropology 
Ingrid Ibarra*  Spanish | Psychology 
Hibah Ilyas East Asian Studies | Physiology 
Sai Iniguez  Spanish  
Kaitlyn Ivey  
Spanish | Public Health 
David Jacobson  General Studies     
Jared Jaskiewicz  
General Studies     
Edgar Jimenez Arredondo
*  General Studies    
Francisco Johnson  
Africana Studies  
Kory Jones  
General Studies    
Laura Juarez
*  Spanish | Literacy, Learning & Leadership 
Tatum Kapulica  General Studies   
Willem Karaffa
Libia Keeme  
General Studies    
Karai Keil  
General Studies    
Mikayla Kirby  
General Studies     
Aric Kirsten  
General Studies    
Holden Klein  
General Studies    
Tiffany Knutson  
General Studies     
Vincent Kraft
*  General Studies     
Kyle Kreager  
General Studies   
Kadin Kreis  
General Studies   
Shang-Chi Kuo  
General Studies   
Addison Lavis
*  Spanish | Criminal Justice Studies 
Andrew Le*  Spanish | Physiology | Biology
Nick LeBlanc  Classics  
April Lee  
General Studies     
Ellerie Leptich
*  Russian | English 
Emily Levine  Applied Humanities | Psychology 
Alex Lewis  General Studies
Landyn Lewis  General Studies     
Zekai Li  
General Studies   
Katelyn Liosatos  
Italian | Literacy Learning & Leadership 
Lei Liu  
General Studies   
Zhixuan Liu  
General Studies     
Bailey Lockwood
*  German Studies | Anthropology 
Hannah Lopez*  Italian | Communication | Psychology 
Louis Louvett
*  General Studies   
Yolanda Lovelady
*  Classics | Molecular & Cellular Biology 
Jiale Lu
  General Studies  
Zheng Lu  General Studies     
Todd Lundvall  
General Studies    
Emilio Mackie
*  East Asian Studies  
Louie Maclaughlin  
General Studies    
Camille Madonia  
Africana Studies  
Tyler Mann  
General Studies   
Robert Marshall  
Russian | History 
Jimaral Marshall*  Africana Studies 
Carlos Martinez*  Spanish | Political Science 
Faviola Martinez*  General Studies  
Kat Martinez
*  General Studies    
Alexandra Mast  
General Studies   
Hayley Mastey  
General Studies    
Jorge Mata Ochoa  
Spanish | Political Science 
Dominique McBryde  General Studies   
Alyssa McCartney  
General Studies     
Mariana McCune
*  Spanish | Biology 
Kieran McDougall  General Studies     
Terence McGaughey  
General Studies    
Kelsey McGowan  
General Studies    
Ally McKone
*  General Studies    
Celeste Medina
*  General Studies    
Luis Mendez  
General Studies    
Morgan Metler
*  General Studies   
Dale Meyers  
General Studies    
Angelo Milone  
General Studies   
Gabrielle Mitchell  
German Studies | Gender & Women’s Studies 
Brandon Mojardin
  French | Political Science 
Angela Monetathchi  
General Studies    
Jacqueline Monreal
*  Spanish  
Denisse Moreno  
Spanish | Mexican American Studies  
Darian Morris
*  French | Physiology 
Bari Mueller  General Studies     
Peter Munoz  
General Studies     
Rosa Myers  
Pablo Najar  
General Studies    
Aidan Navarrette  
General Studies     
Aundrea Nebitsi  
Russian | Political Science 
Kaitlyn Neel  
General Studies    
Justin Nessy
*  General Studies    
Analise Nicholson
*  Spanish | Biology 
Mina Nikolich-Zugich  General Studies    
Liliana Nunez Breceda
*  Spanish | Psychology 
Brisa Ocampo*  Spanish | Psychology 
Annie O’Connor  General Studies   
Haylie O’Dell  
General Studies    
Jesse Olguin
*  Spanish | Law 
Dante Olono  
Italian | Global Studies 
Adrianna Orantes  East Asian Studies  
Mackenzie Orlosky  General Studies     
Gabriela Orozco
*  Spanish | Physiology 
Maria Padilla  
General Studies    
Alison Palmer  
Connor Parille*  General Studies    
Shelby Parille
*  General Studies    
Cam Paul  
General Studies    
Steven Peller  
General Studies     
Drucellia Pelton  
Alexandra Pere*  Religious Studies | Journalism 
Sausha Perry  
Africana Studies  
Aristide Pessinguia  General Studies    
Zak Piekarski  
Italian | Molecular & Cellular Biology 
Anthony Poletti  
General Studies     
Connor Pope  
General Studies   
Nathaniel Pott
*  German Studies | Mechanical Engineering 
Madison Preim  
General Studies   
Stephon Preston
*  General Studies   
Kaylee Prinz  
General Studies    
Vanessa Quintero
*  General Studies     
Aretha Raiwe
*  Africana Studies  
Cynthia Ramirez
*  General Studies    
Jake Recktenwald
East Asian Studies  
Maddie Revell*  East Asian Studies  
Ian Rick  General Studies    
Hector Rico  
General Studies   
Barbara Robbins  General Studies    
Nyah Robertson  
Africana Studies | Political Science 
Kevin Robles  
General Studies   
Liza Marcel Robles Moreno
*  Spanish  
Sheyla Rocha*  Spanish | Linguistics 
Matthew Rogers  General Studies   
Perla Rojas
*  Spanish | Psychology 
Lisa Romano  General Studies     
Iliana Romero  Spanish | Care, Health and Society 
Rita Romero  East Asian Studies  
Emily Ross  General Studies   
Elijah Roth  
General Studies   
Eric Rothfeld  
General Studies   
Dusty Rowen
*  French | Linguistics 
Jourdan Rushing*  General Studies   
Randi Ryan  
Gogo Salaswat  East Asian Studies  
Nathan Sawyer  
Nathan Saxton  General Studies   
Kylen Schumacher  
Applied Humanities  
Alec Scott  German Studies | Political Science 
Makayla Scott  General Studies     
Lindsey Selzer*  General Studies   
Enzo Serafino  
General Studies   
Shamil Shakhmamedov
*  General Studies   
Micheala Sharp  
Spanish | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law 
Wyatt Shetterly*  General Studies  
Rhedi Short
*  General Studies
Selena Silva*  Spanish  
Dylan Smith  
General Studies  
Kevin Smith  
General Studies    
Trevor Smith
German Studies | Astronomy | Physics
Dan Smyczek  General Studies  
Akash Sorathia  
General Studies  
Hunter Spallas  
Russian | Biomedical Engineering 
Matt Spallucci
General Studies  
Jackson Sperbeck  
General Studies   
Paul Strong
French | Russian 
Dustin Stuckey*  General Studies  
Rich Sullivan  
General Studies    
Marie Summers  
General Studies    
Amelia Symm
*  Classics | Religious Studies | Anthropology
Bronson Teles  General Studies  
Trey Tenijieth  
General Studies    
Chase Thompson  
General Studies
Jami Thompson Religious Studies  
John Thorndal
*  General Studies    
Andrew Tinley  
Jeb Tompkins
Italian | Business Economics 
Joseph Trapp  
General Studies  
Robert Trieber
*  General Studies   
Yvonne Trinh  
General Studies    
Andrew Trujillo  
General Studies   
Isaiah Tucker  
General Studies   
Kyra Tyler  
General Studies  
Gennifer Unell
*  Spanish
Kirstie Valdes*  General Studies 
Daffne Valdivia*  Spanish | Literacy, Learning & Leadership 
Jackie Valencia
*  Spanish  
Vince Vannelle* General Studies  
Jessica Van Slyck*  Russian  
Diana Vega German*  Spanish | Law 
Dean Vital  General Studies  
Ashley Von Blasingame  
General Studies  
Samantha Walker  
General Studies  
Zachary Walton  
General Studies  
Fubo Wang*  General Studies  
Guancheng Wang   General Studies  
Hongchuan Wang  
East Asian Studies  
Xiaolin Wang  General Studies
Youyou Wang  General Studies  
Zhaoxiong Wang
  General Studies
Zakee Washington Applied Humanities  
David Waugh-Breiger
*  General Studies  
Zachary Weiss
East Asian Studies  
Michael Welch*  General Studies
Rebecca Wendler  General Studies
Angie Whitelaw  Africana Studies  
Vicktoria Wilcox
* Classics | Anthropology 
Darroll Williams  General Studies  
Marcus Williams*  General Studies
Vanessa Williams  German Studies | Retailing & Consumer Science 
Eric Wise  German Studies | Creative Writing 
Nicholas Woehrel
  Applied Humanities  
Max Woodyard  General Studies   
Yichao Yang  
General Studies    
Chenqi Yu  
General Studies   
Mingxing Yu  
General Studies  
Benjamin Yurovitsky  
Russian | Economics 
Zach Zaboski  General Studies  
Jacob Zak
  Italian | Linguistics 
Danielle Zhang  East Asian Studies | Linguistics
Haokun Zhang  General Studies   
Jianlin Zhang  
General Studies  
Kai Zhang  General Studies  
Yinqiang Zhang  
General Studies
Zheng Zhang*  General Studies
Zheng Zhang  General Studies    
Jason Zhuo  General Studies  
Jordan Zimmerman  
General Studies