Spring Convocation

May 2021

The University of Arizona spring commencement and the College of Humanities convocation ceremony took place on Sunday, May 16 @ at Arizona Stadium. Visit the University's commencement page for information and a recording of the ceremony coming soon. Our ceremony was combined with the College of Fine Arts (CFA) and the College of Architecture, Planning & Landscape Architecture (CAPLA). 

Dean A-P Durand offers congratulations to all of our prospective BA, BGS, MA and PhD degree recipients!  BONUS DIGITAL CONTENT is available here, including a special message from the Dean for our May 2021 Graduates!

Questions? If you have further questions, please contact coh-events@email.arizona.edu.

Maria Letizia Bellocchio
Assistant Professor, French & Italian

Kristin Doran 
Assistant Professor, Spanish & Portuguese

Angela Matute Sanchez 
Spanish, Second Language Acquisition & Teaching

Emily Allerton

PROSPECTIVE GRADUATES are listed below in this order:
Spring/Summer 2021 | Fall/Winter 2021 | Fall/Winter 2020

Spring/Summer 2021 Humanities Graduates


Ahmet Acar Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Mehtap Acar Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Tolulope Akinyele M.A. | German Studies
Sara Alcazar Silva Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Randall Asberry Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Monica Barcarolo M.A. | Classics
Andrew Bedoy M.A. | Russian
Mikhail Berlin M.A. | Russian
Chantil Bounheuangvilay M.A. | French
Patrick Centuori M.A. | Russian
Feng Chen Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Yannleon Chen Ph.D. | Transcultural German Studies
Change Cockrell M.A. | East Asian Studies
Ciara Daniels M.A. | German Studies
Zixuan Deng M.A. | East Asian Studies
Maria Donahoe M.A. | Russian
Lixia Dong Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Yan  Dong Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Bouchra El Harrak Lichioui M.A. | Spanish
Megan Esparza M.A. | Classics
Zachary Feldcamp M.A. | Classics
Anna Fomchenko Buchanan M.A. | Russian
Mathilde Garnier M.A. | French
Jeroen Gevers Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Alexandria Gray M.A. | French
Lauren Harvey Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Jhonatan Henao-Munoz, Sr M.A. | French
Mingyuan Hu M.A. | East Asian Studies
Farnoosh Jafarian M.A. | French
Siti Juwariyah Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Kevin Larger M.A. | Russian
Elise Larres M.A. | Classics
Maredil Leon Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Huayang Ma M.A. | East Asian Studies
Xuefei Ma Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Taylor Mackowski M.A. | Spanish
Jacob Monzingo Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Linus Morales M.A. | East Asian Studies
Ian Morgan M.A. | Classics
Alma Mota M.A. | Spanish
Mikuko Nagashima M.A. | East Asian Studies
Noriko Noma Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Aleksey Novikov Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Emily Palese Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Patrick Ploschnitzki Ph.D. | Transcultural German Studies
Heidi Quist M.A. | French
Dunja Radojkovic Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Casey Richardson Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Conor Ryan M.A. | Russian
Anamaria Sagre Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Angela Matute Sanchez Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Xochilt Sequeira Aguilar M.A. | Spanish
Assem Shamarova M.A. | Russian
Caleb Speakman M.A. | Classics
Tetsuya Takeno M.A. | East Asian Studies
Yu Tian Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Robert Tillman M.A. | French
Stephen Torowicz Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Dora Yesenia Valencia M.A. | French
Yenei Viera Pedroso M.A. | Spanish
Stefan Vogel Ph.D. | Second Language Acquistion & Teaching
Nathaniel Wimpey M.A. | East Asian Studies
Jinhui Wu Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Jingjing Xu Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Fengyuan Yu Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Linjiao Zeng Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Lu Zhang Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Yanhua Zhou Ph.D. | East Asian Studies


Alexus Abbott  Russian
Emily Adduci  Classics | Anthropology
Lucas Agasse  French | Literacy, Learning & Leadership
Michelle Aguayo Paredes  East Asian Studies
Jasmine Aguilar  East Asian Studies
Zcheecid Aguirre  East Asian Studies
Ryan Akhbari  Classics | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Blanca Alderete  General Studies
Sulaman Algurini  General Studies
Zsalina Allen Applied Humanities
Erin Allen  French | Literacy, Learning & Leadership
Emily Allerton  Russian | Creative Writing | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
Fahed Alneyadi  Applied Humanities
Sultan Al-Sudairi  Religious Studies | History
Jessica Ameele  General Studies
Ade-Jaleel Amusa  General Studies
Zoe Anable  Religious Studies
Ben Ancharski  German Studies | History
Kenzie Anderson  General Studies
Regan Anderson  French | Political Science
Orlando Angell-Duchene General Studies
Zar Arias General Studies
Chase Arnold  Russian | Political Science
Luis Ateca  Applied Humanities
Thomas Aych  General Studies
Kyle Baker  General Studies
Kathryn Barton  French | History
Aitana Baumgartel  General Studies
Tiana Beauregard  Africana Studies | Applied Humanities
Lauren Beers Applied Humanities
Haley Bender  Russian | Political Science 
Carson Benya  General Studies
Ricardo Bermudez  General Studies
Madison Bigham  French | Natural Resources
Jacob Blas  General Studies
Emma Bojorquez De Jesus  Spanish
Kendyl Bostic  French | Global Studies | Arabic
James Brechtel  East Asian Studies | Computer Science
Callista Brown  Spanish | Business Management
Estelle Brugere  French | Physiology
Gaines Bundy General Studies
Crysta Burks  Religious Studies
Edgar Burrola  General Studies
Christopher Busch  General Studies
Tyler Caldwell  General Studies
Brandon Capone  General Studies
Dalilah Cardenas  Spanish
Emanuel Cardenas  General Studies
Cecilia Cardenas Perez  Spanish | Information Science & eSociety
Taylor Cardi  General Studies
Ka'Deem Carey  General Studies
JD Catabas  General Studies
Vanessa Centorami  Applied Humanities
Ashbie Chapman  Classics | Russian
Fan Chen  East Asian Studies | Mathematics
Gregory Christy General Studies
Isaiah Clark General Studies
Paul Cocanour General Studies
Zach Cohan General Studies
Marissa Conn Minister  Spanish | Chemical Engineering
Catie Conroy  General Studies
Dillon Constantine  General Studies
Riley Cooke  General Studies
Kaelyn Cooper  Africana Studies | Theatre Arts
Marissa Cordero  General Studies
Annette Cortes  Spanish
Michaela Courtemanche  General Studies
Sarah Cowherd  General Studies
Byron Crane  General Studies
Jordan Crawford  German Studies | Materials Science & Engineering
Kaylee Crudder  Applied Humanities
Karyme Cuadras  Spanish | Creative Writing
Maria Cubillas Flores  Spanish | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Reilly Cunnington  Spanish | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law
Adam Curtis  General Studies
Michael DaCruz  General Studies
Dennis Dash  General Studies
Susan Dauz  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Harold Davis  General Studies
Aubrey Davis  Classics | Anthropology
J'lynn Delgado General Studies
Nicole Delprete General Studies
Savannah Diller  French | Physiology
Drew Dixon Applied Humanities
Kiana Dixon  General Studies
Michelle Dobbins  Russian | Plant Sciences
Janaya Dodds  General Studies
Keith Domini  General Studies
Joshua Donovan  General Studies
Benjamin Downing  Spanish | Law
Nicole Duby  French | Psychological Science
Briggs Duce  General Studies
Anabelle Durazo  Spanish
Hana Ega-Musa  General Studies
Cesar Egurrola  General Studies
Brooke Elford  Applied Humanities
Joel Ellis  General Studies
William Esposito General Studies
Grant Evans  General Studies
Khanifa Falilova  General Studies | Psychology 
Brandon Falk  General Studies
James Fauscette  General Studies
Paiton Fears  General Studies
Ally Felix  Russian | Microbiology
Ruthy Fenchak  General Studies
T'Icis Fernandes  General Studies
Jamie Fiero  General Studies
Alexis Figueroa  Spanish
Christina Fischer  General Studies
Ann Fisher  Spanish
Citlalli Flores  Spanish | Psychology 
Tommy Flynn  General Studies
Safia Francis  Applied Humanities
Sophia Franco  Spanish | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Markus Fredell  General Studies
Seth Freymuth  Spanish | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law
Ryan Fromer  Applied Humanities
Hongming Fu  East Asian Studies
Laird Galloway  General Studies
Nikita Ganesh  East Asian Studies | Psychological Science
Marshall Gantt  General Studies
Janna Isabelle Garcia  East Asian Studies | Criminal Justice Studies
Iris Garcia  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Science
Soroya Garcia-Munford  General Studies
Natali Garcia-Quezada  Spanish | Psychology 
Diana Garcia-Rojas  Spanish | Psychology 
Emily Gastelum  Spanish
Corey Gehrke  General Studies
Bryce Gilbert  General Studies
Yeritza Gil-Valencia  Spanish | Psychology 
Victoria Gonzalez  East Asian Studies | Performance
Vicente Gonzalez  Spanish | Law
Jocelyn Gonzalez  French
Jack Goodwin  General Studies
Nia Gordon  Italian | Nutritional Sciences
Henry Gorton  Religious Studies | Anthropology
Claudia Gracia  German Studies | Political Science
Zachary Graves  German Studies | Global Studies | Linguistics
Patrick Gresko  General Studies
Andrew Grimm  General Studies
Jeet Gujarathi  General Studies
Edgar Gutierrez  Spanish
Giselle Gutierrez General Studies
Kamera Hadnot General Studies
Daniel Hagan General Studies
Julia Hagen General Studies
Kenzie Haley  General Studies
Bridget Hamilton  French
Christopher Hanna  General Studies
Jennifer Hanson  General Studies
Leticia Harris  French | Psychology 
Gabriela Harrod  Spanish | Journalism
Peyton Harvey  General Studies
Zion Harvey  Africana Studies | Anthropology
Malik Hausman General Studies
Daniela Havenar Spanish
Christine Heaton  East Asian Studies | Information Science & Arts
Julia Herlihy  General Studies
Aleesia Hernandez  Classics | Theatre Arts
Kiara Herrera  General Studies
Gerardo Herrera Gomez  General Studies
Gwen Herzberg  German Studies | Physiology
Kalen Hightower  General Studies
Caleb Hill  General Studies
Michael Hitch  Russian | Political Science
Anthony Houhoulis  General Studies
Emma Howard  Spanish
Mengyao Huang  General Studies
Noah Huang  East Asian Studies | Dance
Cheyanne Hubbard  Religious Studies | Law
Yaiza Hugues  Spanish
Gianna Innocenti  General Studies
Lauren Isackson  General Studies
Christian Jackson  General Studies
Alexandra Johnson  German Studies | Anthropology
Francisco Johnson  Africana Studies
Kristine Jones  General Studies
Andrew Kamys  General Studies
Kobe Kato  General Studies
Dash Katz  General Studies
Sydney King  General Studies
Sarahvaughn King  General Studies
Maddie Kirkegaard  General Studies
Emily Klaus  East Asian Studies
Amanda Kohlmeyer  General Studies
Alexa Komatsu  Spanish
Bonu Ku  Russian
Angela Kummer  General Studies
Katrina Kuxhausen-DeRose  Classics | History | Anthropology
Megan La Fuente  General Studies
Gabriella Laks  Spanish
Amelia Lappenbusch  Classics | Biology
Greg Latherow  Classics | History
Nicole Laudicina  Spanish | Political Science
Asher Laufenburger  Spanish | Communication
Harry Law  General Studies
Chris Lee  East Asian Studies
Judy Lee East Asian Studies
Marcy Lerner  Classics | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
Melissa Lescano  General Studies
Justin Lewis  General Studies
Ben Litman  General Studies
Brianna Lizarraga  Spanish
Chaiyo Locher  East Asian Studies
Makenna Lockwood  German Studies | Art & Visual Culture Education
Keely Lomaseng  General Studies
Carlos Lopez  Spanish | Literacy, Learning & Leadership
Mariah Lopez  General Studies
Estefani Lopez Ruiz  Spanish | Law
Nicola Loretto  Africana Studies | Anthropology
Lily Lowe  General Studies
Chris Lui  General Studies
Anya Lundstrom  East Asian Studies | Creative Writing
Boxuan Luo  General Studies
Ryan Luu  East Asian Studies | Computer Science | Mathematics
Kenneth Ly  East Asian Studies  | Physiology & Medical Sciences | Biochemistry
Sofija Malbasic  Religious Studies
Nicole Maloney  General Studies
Taylor Mandell  Applied Humanities
Kyrillos Mansour  Applied Humanities
Chris Marikos  East Asian Studies
Gabriel Mariscal  Spanish | Psychology
Kim Martinez  Spanish
Karina Martinez  Applied Humanities
Edna Martinez  General Studies
Savannah Martinez  Spanish | Criminal Justice Studies
Jorge Martinez  General Studies
Bryan Martinez Hernandez  Spanish | Psychology 
Trevon Mason  General Studies
Remy Matulewic  French | Political Science | Arabic
Sophia Maytorena  Spanish | Psychological Science
Amy Mazanec General Studies
Olive McArtor  East Asian Studies
Alyssa McCartney General Studies
Rylee McClellen  General Studies
Shannon Meisberger  Classics | Anthropology
Olivia Meister  General Studies
Claire Metzler  Classics
Jacob Meyer Spanish
Johnna Michel General Studies
Gabriella Minassian General Studies
Alisha Molett Africana Studies | Physiology
Emma Monschein  Applied Humanities | Dance
Nancy Lucero Montoya-Ijams  General Studies     
Sofia Moraga Franco  French | Journalism
Erika Moreira  General Studies
Isabella Mota de Alcantara  East Asian Studies | Linguistics
Stephen Muckenthaler  General Studies
Peter Munoz  General Studies
Ysenia Nava  General Studies
Daniel Nespoli  General Studies
Diego Nespoli  General Studies
Nkengafac Njungeh  East Asian Studies | Biochemistry | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Frances Nunez  Spanish
Austin O'Brien  General Studies
Eileen Olaiz  Spanish
Israel Oloyede  General Studies
Chris Olson  General Studies
Lindsay O'Neill  East Asian Studies | Linguistics
Aylin Osorio Spanish
Marissa Pacheco  Italian | Art History | Global Studies
Lizette Pacheco Galvan  Spanish | Psychology 
Michael Palmer  General Studies
Anthony Pandy  General Studies
Zac Panza  Religious Studies
Ismael Patino  Religious Studies
Cecilia Peru  Italian
Ashley Petersen  Applied Humanities 
Alyssa Peterson  Religious Studies | Biochemistry | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Jessica Plummer  General Studies
Tim Pollard  General Studies
Honor Pomeroy  General Studies
Logan Porrazzo  Italian | Plant Sciences | Biology
Preston Price  General Studies
Brent Pritchett  General Studies
Hannah Pusateri  Italian | Physiology
Sebastian Rahmer  East Asian Studies | Political Science
Armando Ramirez  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Science
Jonathan Ratliff  Spanish | Information Science & eSociety
Chelsea Reardon  General Studies
Hunter Reed  General Studies
Shana Reizfeld General Studies
Kayla Renner French | Political Science
Ahnna Richmond  General Studies
Starr Rico  Religious Studies | Anthropology
Sofija Riegger  Religious Studies
Richard Riley  Religious Studies | Psychology 
Christian Rivera  General Studies
David Rivera  General Studies
Alexis Roberts  General Studies
Tara Roberts  General Studies
Genevieve Robillard  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Science
Natalie Rodriguez  Italian | Spanish
Jacqueline Rodriguez  Spanish | Political Science
Miguel Rodriguez  Spanish | Political Science
Ricardo Rodriguez  Spanish | Latin American Studies
Reymundo Romero  General Studies
Iliana Romero  Spanish | Care, Health & Society
Frankie Romero  General Studies
Cameron Rua-Smith  Spanish
Jordan Rugo  General Studies
Sydney Rummel  Religious Studies | Physiology | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Santos Sainz  Spanish | Sociology 
Jade Salmon  French | Communication
Bri Sanchez  East Asian Studies
Karen Sanson  General Studies
Jared Scott  General Studies
Tahlia Segura  Spanish | Elementary Education
Susana Segura Plasencia  Spanish | Elementary Education
Anabel Serna  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Science
Lucia Serrano  Russian | Veterinary Science
Chad Sevigny  East Asian Studies | Management Information Systems
Waverly Shak  East Asian Studies | Political Science
Kaiqi Shangguan  General Studies
Richa Sharma  General Studies
Taylor Shifman  General Studies
Jazmyn Shillolo  General Studies | Psychology 
Marissa Shupe  Applied Humanities
Selena Silva  Spanish
Tara Singleton  French | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law | Philosophy
Logan Slater  General Studies
Grace Sluga  Spanish | Psychology 
Anahi Solis  Spanish
Jack Speelman  Spanish
Greg Sprouse  General Studies
Sandy Mae St. John  German Studies
Samantha Stanton  General Studies
Samantha Steinberg  Applied Humanities
Hannah Stevens  Applied Humanities
Chloe Stevens  General Studies
Albert Stillman  General Studies   
Brandon Strojek  General Studies
Justice Summerset  General Studies
Sacorra Tate  Africana Studies
Elliot Taylor  General Studies
Joyce Teran  Spanish | Global Studies
Jonathan Terry  General Studies
Kolby Thomas  General Studies
Ian Thomas  French | Global Studies
Nathan Tilford  General Studies
Tianna Tom  Spanish | Global Studies
Michelle Toom  Applied Humanities
Mayra Torres Spanish
Jason Tosney General Studies
Kimberly Tran Applied Humanities
Alejandra Trevino  Spanish | Anthropology
Paul Tritch  General Studies
Isaiah Tucker  General Studies
Kyle Tuttle  General Studies
Kyra Tyler  General Studies
Bella Ucinek  Religious Studies | Biology
Edith Valenzuela  Spanish | Psychology 
Autumn van den Berg  General Studies
Natalie Van Handel  Spanish
Alex Vaughan  Applied Humanities
Brianna Velador  Spanish | Law
Krystin Vidal  Applied Humanities
Jailine Villalobos-Rodriguez  French | Communication
Monique Villarreal  General Studies
Hazel Walker  Spanish | Geography 
Samantha Walsh  Spanish | Communication
Harry Wang  Applied Humanities
Patrick Warden  General Studies
David Waugh-Breiger  General Studies
Maddie Weisbach  General Studies
Raven Wentworth  Italian | Biochemistry | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Nicole Werner  Africana Studies | Psychology 
Caden Wheeler  General Studies
Courtney Whittler  General Studies
Nia Williams  East Asian Studies
Kyra Williams  General Studies
Ryan Wilson  General Studies
Thomas Wright  General Studies
Emily Wright  General Studies
Tiancheng Xu  General Studies
Ailene Yee  Classics
Julide Yildirim  Russian | English
Adriana Zamudio  East Asian Studies
Thalia Zapata Santaolaya  General Studies
Carlos Zarabia  General Studies
Jose Zaragoza  General Studies


Fall/Winter 2021 Humanities Graduates


Tolulope Akinyele  M.A. | German Studies
Monica Barcarolo M.A. | Classics
Andrew Bedoy M.A. | Russian
Mikhail Berlin M.A. | Russian
Chantil Bounheuangvilay  M.A. | French
Patrick Centuori M.A. | Russian
Chen Chen Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Yannleon Chen Ph.D. | Transcultural German Studies
Chance Cockrell M.A. | East Asian Studies
Ciara Daniels M.A. | German Studies
Zixuan Deng M.A. | East Asian Studies
Maria Donahoe  M.A. | Russian
Megan Esparsa  M.A. | Classics
Zachary Feldcamp  M.A. | Classics
Anna Fomchenko Buchanan   M.A. | Russian
Mathilde Garnier   M.A. | French
Yi Gong  Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Alexandria Gray   M.A. | French
Ayana Hatsuda Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Jhonatan Henao-Munoz    M.A. | French
Mingyuan Hu  M.A. | East Asian Studies
Farnoosh Jafarian  M.A. | French 
Kevin Larger  M.A. | Russian
Elise Larres  M.A. | Classics
Yilan Liu Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Huayang Ma  M.A. | East Asian Studies
Robygue Martinez  Ph.D.Spanish
Linus Morales  M.A. | East Asian Studies
Ian Morgan  M.A. | Classics
Patrick Ploschnitzki  Ph.D. | Transcultural German Studies
Heidi Quist   M.A. | French
William Ramundt    M.A. | Classics
Conor Ryan  M.A. | Russian
Assem Shamarova  M.A. | Russian
Caleb Speakman  M.A. | Classics
Tetsuya Takeno M.A. | East Asian Studies
Yu Tian Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Robert Tillman M.A. | French
Stephen Torowicz Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Shelby Turner M.A. | East Asian Studies
Brigette Walters  Ph.D. | Spanish
Nathaniel Wimpey M.A. | East Asian Studies
Jinhui Wu Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Siwei Wu Ph.D. | East Asian Studies
Elvira Zatarain  M.A. | Spanish
Yanhua Zhou Ph.D. | East Asian Studies



Rachel Arvizu General Studies
Gregory Braun General Studies
Adam Collins General Studies
Alice Dewes  Applied Humanities
Kaylee Erickson General Studies
Jordan Golenberg General Studies
Janet Gonzalez  Spanish
Hannah Greer  East Asian Studies
Kaylyn Ills  East Asian Studies
Jonathan Jimenez Flores  Spanish
Reyes Keeme-Sayre  East Asian Studies
Allie Kramer  French
Melanie Martinez General Studies
Adriana Meirndorf  Russian
Kharen Morgan  East Asian Studies, Applied Humanities
Edith Navarro General Studies
Shawn Parnell General Studies
Sergio-Alejandro Porres  Spanish
Maria Roiz  Spanish
Lisa Sene Italian
Kayla Shackleford General Studies
Andrea Shields General Studies
Culhane St John General Studies
Laura Stickels  Spanish
Melanie Volk General Studies
Rylee Williams General Studies
Yoshie Wingate East Asian Studies


Fall/Winter 2020 Humanities Graduates


Amani Alageel  Ph.D. | SLAT
Jonathan Burks  M.A. | Classics
Claudia Cruz Armenta  Ph.D. | Spanish
Tadaomi Enami  M.A. | East Asian Studies
Yiting Han  Ph.D. | SLAT
Jhonatan Henao-Munoz  M.A. | Spanish
Hicham Assaoui  Ph.D. | SLAT
Ziyang Jin  M.A. | East Asian Studies
Nicholas Molinary  M.A. | Spanish
Rodrigo Sanchez, Sr  M.A. | Spanish
Tanya Tercero  Ph.D. | SLAT


Jillienne Aguilera  General Studies        
Maggie Alexander  French        
Jaffer Ali  General Studies      
Fahed Alneyadi  Applied Humanities        
Saleh Alrayes  General Studies        
Jessica Ameele  General Studies       
Luis Ateca  Applied Humanities        
Lucy Atherton  Italian, Geography       
Veronica Austin  General Studies          
Pryce Salvant Batey  General Studies        
Asa Beall  General Studies    
Hilda Begay  General Studies         
Aislynne Black  Spanish, Studio Art    
Austin Buckner  Spanish, Political Science
Matthew Buhl  Russian     
Kaitlin Burreson  General Studies       
Brynn Campagne  General Studies         
Sergio Canez  General Studies       
Naim Castillo  General Studies      
Melissa Cervantes  Spanish, Global Studies
Michelle Chavez  Spanish, Political Science        
Dylan Condran  General Studies       
Danielle Alyssa Cordero  General Studies        
Devyn Cross  Africana Studies        
Carly D'Alessio  General Studies  
Katherine Anne Damon  Russian, Performance     
Ana Alysia Danza  German Studies, Political Science, Economics
Harold Davis  General Studies 
Sarah Davis  General Studies              
Erik Davis  General Studies      
Priscilla Anne Raver Del Moral  General Studies      
Maxine Denboer  German Studies, Accounting    
Rose Detloff  General Studies        
Aileen Dingus  General Studies            
Demetrius Drake  General Studies        
Dominic Duarte  General Studies         
Robert Dybus  General Studies     
Jack Fascenda  General Studies          
Ruth Fenchak  General Studies   
Jamie Fiero  General Studies        
Derek Foehrkolb  Russian, Public Management & Policy    
Lamont Frazier  General Studies 
Frank Froio  General Studies         
Celeste Gabaldon  General Studies       
Peter Gacon  General Studies        
Claire Gardner    Italian, Psychology     
Benjamin Gbora  General Studies        
Waymon Giles  General Studies       
Taylor Gonsalves   Applied Humanities, Communication       
Gabriela Abigail Gonzales  Spanish      
Dustin Greenfield  General Studies         
Eunice M. G. Greenfield  Spanish    
Joshua Gregorio  General Studies       
RuthAnn Grumbling  Spanish, Latin American Studies    
Giselle Gutierrez  General Studies        
Kamera Hadnot  General Studies          
Bridget Hamilton  French        
Christopher Hanna  General Studies       
Tiheisha Hardaway  General Studies        
Zion Harvey  Africana Studies, Anthropology          
Michaela Heilig  General Studies          
Yasmeen Herrick Shojima  East Asian Studies, English        
Erica Higuera  General Studies        
Nicole Kathryn Hoekstra  General Studies          
Richard Holt  General Studies        
Jeffrey Howard  General Studies          
Anjiu Huang  General Studies         
江树正 Shuzheng Jiang  East Asian Studies, Anthropology        
Daniel M. Jimenez  East Asian Studies        
Kristine Jones  General Studies       
Michael Joseph  General Studies        
Karli Karberg  General Studies        
Libia Keeme  General Studies     
Joseph Keener  General Studies       
May Kendrick  General Studies         
Alexa Komatsu  Spanish, Public Health    
Randy Labaut  General Studies        
Samantha Lespron  General Studies         
Landyn Lewis  General Studies       
Linhan Li  General Studies      
James Densmore Lindroos  General Studies  
Robert Matthew Lisak  Religious Studies, East Asian Studies  
Joseph M. Llanes  General Studies      
Nathaniel Loftus  General Studies        
Adriana Patricia López-Domínguez  Spanish  
Marcus Lovato  General Studies  
Boxuan Luo  General Studies        
Martina Macias  General Studies             
Sofija Markovic  General Studies                 
Aunna Mastro  General Studies        
Akihisa Matsumoto  East Asian Studies, Criminal Justice Studies    
Brenna McClellan  French, Global Studies      
Brenden Alexander McCollum  Africana Studies        
Tara Christine Megan  General Studies        
Madilynn Melodia  Applied Humanities        
Carmen C. Montijo  General Studies     
Madeline Gladys Morrow French        
Pedro Munoz  General Studies       
Joseph Myers  General Studies       
Rokovesi Jenny Naisoro  General Studies        
Justin Nessy  General Studies         
Chidera Onyeonwu  French, Physiology    
Rhossy Paul Ouanzin Gbebri French, Political Science       
Berenice Palomares Topete  General Studies         
Veronica Perkins  General Studies             
Keanu Pinder  General Studies           
Kaleialoha Pua'a  General Studies          
Ranran Qi  General Studies    
Manny Ramirez  General Studies       
Priscilla Reynoso  General Studies         
David Riegger  General Studies          
Josselyn Rivera Castor  Spanish                
Liza Marcela Robles Moreno  Spanish 
Melissa Robles  Spanish           
Rossil Rodrigues  Spanish           
Dzoara Lizeth Ruiz Coronado  SpanishBiology    
Michael Ryan  General Studies        
Makayla Scott  General Studies        
Amanda Reneé Shaw  General Studies       
Zachary Sherman  General Studies         
Mackenzie Shyanne Silva-Magro General Studies  
Selena Silva  Spanish                
Jacob Silverman  General Studies       
Amandip Singh  General Studies             
Samuel Slonaker  French, Chemistry    
Quinn Smith  General Studies        
Jackson Sperbeck  General Studies         
Jiangyu Su  East Asian Studies, Psychology          
David Torres Pagan  General Studies     
Maria Torres  Spanish, Elementary Education    
Isaiah Lamar Tucker General Studies      
Kyra Tyler  General Studies      
Riley Urkov  General Studies          
Alejandro Urquides  Spanish, Law    
Dylan M. Valenzuela-Silvain  Spanish         
Kyle VanAlstine  General Studies       
Adria Isabel Vasquez  Spanish, Public Health    
Rachael Walker  General Studies          
Yuanming Wang  French        
Cassandra Watters  East Asian Studies, Psychological Science    
Adina Weiner-Bogielski  General Studies      
Ciara Williamson  General Studies       
Jianglun Xie  General Studies       
Ruitong Yang  General Studies         
Roxanna Ramirez Yepiz  Spanish        
Kexin Zhang  General Studies         
Yue Zhuo  General Studies        
Jordan Zimmerman  General Studies