Spring Convocation

Humanities Convocation is a celebration just for you, our College of Humanities graduates! It is a lively and intimate ceremony that will give your family and friends an opportunity to hear your name called and cheer on your achievement as you cross the stage, greet Dorrance Dean A-P Durand and collect a special Humanities medallion. Note, there are separate ceremonies in the Spring to recognize our Master's/PhD degree candidates and our Bachelor's degree candidates.  

Thursday, May 9, 2024

2:00 PM

Student Union Memorial Center North Ballroom

Watch the hooding ceremony in the first video featured below!

View graduate celebratory slideshow here.


Friday, May 11, 2024

7:00 PM

Centennial Hall

Watch the convocation ceremony in the second video featured below! 

View undergraduate celebratory slideshow here.

If you have further questions about the ceremonies, please contact coh-convocation@arizona.edu.

Doctor of Philosophy (PHD) &


Diana Avdeeva  MA | Russian
Youteng Bi  PhD | East Asian Studies
Alicia Brown  PhD | Spanish
Mariana Centanin Bertho  PhD | Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Romy Yanahí Cerón Canché  PhD | Spanish
Alexander Davis   PhD | Spanish
Yan Dong  PhD | East Asian Studies
Delaney Fisher  MA | Classics
Griffin Fleischaker  MA | Classics
Hadley Forst  PhD | Spanish
Thomas Benjamin Fuhr  PhD | Transcultural German Studies
Luke Christopher Giuntoli  MA | Classics
Jennifer Gwasira  MA | German Studies
Caleb Hammond  MA | Classics
Leticia Harris  MA | French
Amelia Grace Hill  MA | Spanish
Hyeonah Kang  PhD | Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Coskun Islek  PhD | Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Catricia Kelley  MA | Russian
Shin (Changzhong) Lee  MA | East Asian Studies
Jingyi Li  PhD | East Asian Studies
Jeffrey Liu  PhD | East Asian Studies
Jorge Manzanilla  PhD | Spanish
Isabel Matias  MA | Classics
Shannon Meisberger  MA | Classics
Gregg Midon  MA | East Asian Studies
Assylzhan Niyazova  MA | East Asian Studies
Louis Pantoja  PhD | Spanish
Austin Richards  MA | Classics
Katsuya Sato  MA | East Asian Studies
Noah Simmons  MA | Classics
Margaret Stafford  MA | Russian
Cynthia Villanueva  PhD | Spanish
Valentina Vinokurova  PhD | Second Language Acquisition & Teaching
Rex Wilkins  PhD | Spanish
Jhon Albert Yerena Quiroz  MA | French
Lu Zhang  PhD | East Asian Studies



Lucas Abreu  East Asian Studies | Linguistics
Cindy Afable  Interdisciplinary Studies
Thimverly Mae Agbuya  Applied Humanities
Grayson Agrella  French | Art History | Anthropology
Alexandra Ahlfinger Classics
Milagros Alday  Spanish | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
Sophia Alexander  Russian | Leadership & Learning Innovation
Yvonna Linda Anderson  East Asian Studies | Political Science
Daisy Anderson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Finn Anjakos  Classics | Astronomy
Emily Antico  General Studies
Cortney Arrasmith  Spanish | Business Economics | Entrepreneurship
David Asad  German Studies | Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Alyssa Ashby  Interdisciplinary Studies
Teraé Austin  Applied Humanities
Alysa Avanesyan  Russian
Arcelia Avechuco-Turley  Interdisciplinary Studies
Elliot Bakker  Applied Humanities
Shreya Balasubramanian  Spanish | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science
Oumar Ballo  General Studies
Winston Baltyn  Interdisciplinary Studies
Tranae Banks  Interdisciplinary Studies
Karen Barajas  Spanish | Veterinary Science
Jesus Barraza  Interdisciplinary Studies
Shyla Barton  East Asian Studies
Emily Beltran  Interdisciplinary Studies
Liv Bensen  Interdisciplinary Studies
Carolina Bernal Medina  Spanish | Care, Health & Society
Samantha Bernhardt  Applied Humanities
Gabrielle Bernstein  Applied Humanities
Mirela Bivol  Interdisciplinary Studies
Brandyn Blissitt  Applied Humanities
Diego Bojorquez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Yanely Bolanos  Spanish | Biochemistry
Madison Bowen  Interdisciplinary Studies
Ashley Bremner  Spanish | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law
Lev Brikmanis  Religious Studies | Environmental & Water Resource Economics
Jeffrey Brown  Applied Humanities
Jared Browne  Applied Humanities
Nicholas Bruce  General Studies
Aizlyn Brunk  Interdisciplinary Studies
Abigail Bryson  Classics | Anthropology
Grace Buchen  Spanish | Elementary Education
Jordan Buck  Interdisciplinary Studies
Brandonlee Burke  General Studies
Chloe Burkholder  German Studies | Ecology & Evolutionary Biology
Judith Burrola  Applied Humanities
Markel Butcher  Interdisciplinary Studies
Maddison Butko  General Studies
Eugenio Caballero Perez  Applied Humanities | Spanish
Ana Paula Cabanillas  Spanish
Theresa Anne Cano  Interdisciplinary Studies
Aydia Carmosino  Applied Humanities
Christopher Carney  Interdisciplinary Studies
Alyssa Carter  Interdisciplinary Studies
Cody Cartisser  Interdisciplinary Studies
Asia Casino  General Studies
Christian Cassone  Applied Humanities
Lyzette Castillo  General Studies
Marcus Castillo  Interdisciplinary Studies
Garen Caulfield  General Studies
ZySeer Cavness  Interdisciplinary Studies
Mikyla Caylor-Kay  Interdisciplinary Studies
Cassandra Cazares   Spanish
Christopher Chambers  Interdisciplinary Studies
Stefania Chambers  Italian | Psychology
Austin Chan  Interdisciplinary Studies
Guohao Chen  Interdisciplinary Studies
Andrew Choi  Classics
Benjamin Christie  Applied Humanities
Sophia Civetta  Spanish | Psychology
Elisabeth Clark  Spanish | Anthropology
Grant Cohen  Interdisciplinary Studies
Thomas Colburn  Interdisciplinary Studies
Joseph Colianni  Italian | Communication
Zachary Contos  Interdisciplinary Studies
Matthew Crook  Interdisciplinary Studies
Angelina Davidson  Classics | Anthropology
Miranda de la Rosa  Interdisciplinary Studies
Rianna Decker  Religious Studies | Middle Eastern & North African Studies | Arabic
Brooke DeLong  Interdisciplinary Studies
Matthew Denker  Interdisciplinary Studies
Franco Diaz  Spanish 
Donald Diesner  Interdisciplinary Studies
Lisette Dionicio  Applied Humanities
Jacob Donfris  Applied Humanities
Emily Dutton  Interdisciplinary Studies
Gemmalee DyerMok  Classics | Anthropology
Anaïs Effort  East Asian Studies | Public Health
Read Egan  Applied Humanities
Najiha El-Rbaa  Russian
Teressa Enriquez  German Studies | Journalism
Jesus Demian Enriquez Vasquez  Spanish | Business Management
Mackenzie Farley-Mercer  Applied Humanities
Juliana Felde  Spanish
Maria Felix  Applied Humanities | Spanish 
Odette Felix  Spanish | Political Science
Amy Fellers  Spanish | Business Management
Keyana Fernandez  Spanish | Psychology
Matthew Fernandez  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Mackenzie Fields  Africana Studies | Public Health
Jamie Fiero  Interdisciplinary Studies
Scarlett Aileen Fierro Gutierrez  Spanish
Olivia Figura  Interdisciplinary Studies
Audrey Fitzgerald  Applied Humanities | Italian
José Flores  Spanish | Fashion Industry's Science & Technology
Sunem Flores  Spanish
Andrea Flores-Peña  Spanish | Anthropology
Elisabetta Franzone  Interdisciplinary Studies
Lizbeth Katsumi Fucuy Garcia  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Shelbie Fuller  Interdisciplinary Studies
William Fulton  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jeremy Gabriele  Applied Humanities
Alvaro Gacxiola  Interdisciplinary Studies | Spanish
Grettel Garcia  Applied Humanities
Douglas George  Interdisciplinary Studies
Concettina Giallanza  Italian | Elementary Education
Sam Gissler  East Asian Studies
Logan Gomez  Spanish | Psychological Science
Zuleth Gomez  Applied Humanities
Mario Gonzales  Interdisciplinary Studies
Alejandra Gonzalez Santiago  Spanish | Psychology
Yvette Gordon  Interdisciplinary Studies
Malisa Grantham  Interdisciplinary Studies
Sergio Guerrero  Interdisciplinary Studie
Talia Guralnik  Interdisciplinary Studies
Adriana Lizbeth Gutierrez Tarin  Spanish
Andrew Hamilton  Interdisciplinary Studies
Samuel Handjaya  Interdisciplinary Studies
Joshua Hansen  Interdisciplinary Studies
Owen Hansen  Interdisciplinary Studies
Devin Hardesty  Spanish | Marketing
Corina Harvey  Religious Studies
Rosalina Hawbaker  Classics
Yassine Hlil  General Studies
Sophia Hoepfner  World Literature
Sophia Holguin  Spanish | Molecular & Cellular Biology
Evan Holt  General Studies
Xiaolin Hong  Interdisciplinary Studies
Sophia Horovitz  Spanish | Law | Sociology
Erika Howlett  Spanish | Journalism
Jared Hoyos Acuna  Spanish | Urban & Regional Development
Alexis Hsu  East Asian Studies | Nursing
Kieran Huffman  Spanish | Management Information Systems | Entrepreneurship
Grace Hufford  Spanish | Veterinary Science
Derrek Ingalls  General Studies
Carlos Iniguez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Peder Jacobson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Andres Jimenez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Dafne Jimenez  Spanish | Psychology
Bryce Johansen  Religious Studies for Health Professionals | Biology
Haley Johnson  General Studies
Kai Johnson  Classics | Psychology
Aaron Johnstun  Spanish
Gabriel Juarez  German Studies | Psychology
Joshua Kahn  Applied Humanities
Sean Kearns  Interdisciplinary Studies
Ariana Khurana  French | Psychology
Owen Kieffer  German Studies | Psychology
Violet King  Religious Studies | Linguistics
Tanner Kippes  General Studies | Sociology
Halle Kirk-Tiefenthaler  Classics | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Gabriella Klinefelter  Interdisciplinary Studies
Taylor Knox  Interdisciplinary Studies 
Nathaniel Koehler  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jennifer Koehmstedt  Africana Studies
Matthew Koett  Interdisciplinary Studies
Alana Komatsu  East Asian Studies | Fashion Industry's Science & Technology
Kristen Kopplin  Spanish | Applied Biotechnology
Salimatou Kourouma  Interdisciplinary Studies
Britney Kovrig  Spanish | Law | Political Science
Marlee Kroll  Spanish | Criminal Justice Studies| Political Science
Avery Larkin  Interdisciplinary Studies
Pelle Larsson  Applied Humanities
Adelys La Turco  Interdisciplinary Studies 
Nora Laurent Soumari  Spanish | English
Samuel Lehman  Interdisciplinary Studies 
Victoria Leon  Spanish
Hannah Levinson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Ally Lewis  Italian | Psychology
Chad Lewison  Interdisciplinary Studies
Yehan Li  Interdisciplinary Studies
Zhiqiu Liang  Interdisciplinary Studies
William Liebes  Applied Humanities
Mya Liljenstolpe  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Tsung-yeh Lin  Interdisciplinary Studies
Erica Jeanne Loforte  French | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Samuel Lopez  General Studies
Gabriela Lopez Cousineau  Applied Humanities
Anna Lucas  German Studies
Angelica Lucero Martinez  Spanish | Global Studies
Rachel Lucie  Applied Humanities
Cooper Maas  Interdisciplinary Studies
Esmeralda Macias  Spanish | Psychology
Devyn Macias  Spanish | Psychological Science
Brendan Magalong  Interdisciplinary Studies
Emily Major  Applied Humanities
Mason Maltbie  Religious Studies | Russian | Creative Writing
Andrew Mangano  Applied Humanities
Kevin Marheine  Applied Humanities
Natali Marji  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jennifer Guadalupe Martinez  Applied Humanities
Joyce Martinez  Spanish
Christo Martinez Carrillo  Spanish
Daniela Martos  Applied Humanities
Yuliana Mata  Spanish | Law
Keisha Mattinson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Riley McCauley  General Studies
Abby McDonald  Applied Humanities
Quinn McElvain  Spanish | Sustainable Built Environments
Tristan McMahon  Interdisciplinary Studies
Laura McNamara  Interdisciplinary Studies
Parker McPherson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Chris Medina  Applied Humanities
Zephani Melichar  French | Biomedical Engineering
Valeria Mendoza  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Corey Merritt  Interdisciplinary Studies
Dayana Meza  Spanish
Jennifer Meza  Spanish 
Greta Miller  Applied Humanities
Fernando Miranda  Italian | Pharmaceutical Sciences
Danitza Molina  Spanish | Public Health
Joselyn Paola Monroy Duran  Spanish | Nursing
Lisett Montano  Spanish | Biochemistry
Kassandra Montano Quintana  Spanish
Angela Montano  Applied Humanities
Autumn Montgomery  Applied Humanities
Julianne Montijo-Cheno  Applied Humanities
Colton Moore  Interdisciplinary Studies
Nathalie Moreno  Spanish | Criminal Justice Studies
Carlos Morgan  Applied Humanities
Rebecca Morse  Interdisciplinary Studies
Polina Mt Agnew  General Studies
Iris Mull  Spanish | English
Cameron Musser  East Asian Studies
Jacqueline Myers  Applied Humanities
Ryan Nakagawa  Interdisciplinary Studies
Luthmila Natera  Spanish
Ryan Neeley  Interdisciplinary Studies
Adam Robert Nelson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Gabriella Nelson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Gabe Neumann  Interdisciplinary Studies
Alysha Newton  Interdisciplinary Studies
Daniel Niegocki  General Studies
Anders Niemi  Classics | Geography
Sergio Nieto  Interdisciplinary Studies
William Norton  Interdisciplinary Studies
Carly Nostrand  Applied Humanities | Spanish
Crystal O'Brien  Interdisciplinary Studies
Travis Ocasio  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jack Ockerman  East Asian Studies
Silvia Olvera Lozano  Interdisciplinary Studies
Anna ONeill  Spanish | Psychology | Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Isaiah Ortega  Interdisciplinary Studies
Melanie Pacific  Interdisciplinary Studies
Devin Panconi  Interdisciplinary Studies
Charlotte Parker  Spanish | Nutritional Sciences
Ariana Parra-Landaverde  Spanish | Care, Health & Society
Ryan Pate  Interdisciplinary Studies 
Jay Patel  Interdisciplinary Studies
Madhuri Patel  Applied Humanities
Blake Peiffer  Italian | Accounting
Samuel Perez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Chloe Perius  Spanish | Speech, Language & Hearing Sciences
Hannah Plush  French | Communication
Ashlyne Powers  Applied Humanities
Liam Prentis  General Studies
Zaina Price  East Asian Studies
V Pride  Interdisciplinary Studies
Olga Prikhodko  Interdisciplinary Studies
Alexa Puccini  Interdisciplinary Studies
Shannon Puno  Applied Humanities
Christopher Queenan  General Studies
Sarah Quraishy  Spanish | Arabic 
Jesi Rabinowitz  Applied Humanities
Emily Ramirez  Applied Humanities
Gabriella Ramos Garcia  Spanish | Psychology
Selene Alexia Rascon  Spanish | Law
Acacia Reeder  Applied Humanities | Spanish
William Reid  Interdisciplinary Studies
Christina Restea  French | Philosophy, Politics, Economics & Law
Unice Reyes  Interdisciplinary Studies
Max Rhoades  Interdisciplinary Studies
James Rigney  Interdisciplinary Studies
Quinn Riley  Interdisciplinary Studies 
Annika Risser  French | Sustainable Built Environments
Diego Rivas  Interdisciplinary Studies
Javier Rivera  Religious Studies
Marilyn Robles Valenzuela  Russian
Iliana Romero  Spanish | Care, Health and Society
Amelia Romero  Applied Humanities
Yeney Romero  Spanish | Economics
Alessandra Romo Reyes  Interdisciplinary Studies
Christine Rooth  Interdisciplinary Studies
Ricardo Luc Rosenblatt  General Studies
Braden Ross  Interdisciplinary Studies
Reilly Rozewicz  Applied Humanities
Fernanda Ruiz  Spanish | Psychology
Mary Ruiz  Spanish | Law
Jason Ryder  General Studies
Laura Saavedra  Spanish | Biology
Dosa Sabrie  Interdiscplinary Studies
Sarah Salanski  Applied Humanities
Aleksa Salazar  Spanish
Jacob Samford  Interdisciplinary Studies
Janessa Schlecht  Spanish | Public Health
Alexandra Schwartz  Interdisciplinary Studies
Zeno Scotti  Italian | Political Science
Brody Selman  Interdisciplinary Studies
Paola Shaban-Longbrake  Spanish | Deaf Studies
Nickolous Shin  Interdisciplinary Studies
John Shively  Interdisciplinary Studies
Diana Silva  Spanish | Law
Kathryn Simmons  Applied Humanities
Jack Simon  Applied Humanities
Antoine Singfield  Interdisciplinary Studies
Stephanie Skidmore  East Asian Studies | Marketing
Jordanna Skopp  Applied Humanities | Dance
Cole Sledge  Russian | Intelligence & Information Operations
Olivia Smith  German Studies | Global Studies
Savanah Smith  Applied Humanities
Melyssa Smith  Applied Humanities
Sadie Somers  Interdisciplinary Studies
Caley Soria  Classics
Kylie Soto  Applied Humanities | Information Science & eSociety
Alejandro Soto Orozco  Spanish | Materials Science & Engineering
Brooklyn Spencer  Applied Humanities
Kyle Spindler  Classics | Accounting | Finance
Ruby Staczek  Classics | Philosophy
Jarod Stark  Interdisciplinary Studies
Zoie Strickling  Africana Studies | Law
Miely Suarez  Spanish | Microbiology
James Sullivan  Spanish
Marmda Shiming Sun  French | Studio Art
Janiya Sutton  Interdisciplinary Studies
Gwendolyn Swalwell  Interdisciplinary Studies
Bianca Swaratsingh  Interdisciplinary Studies
Roland Swedlund  Religious Studies | Studio Art
Ian Takas  Interdisciplinary Studies
Zachary Tamagni  Interdisciplinary Studies
Brandon Thum  Applied Humanities
Katelyn Tobar  Interdisciplinary Studies
Damian Tobolski  East Asian Studies | Psychology
Daniel Tolmachoff  Interdisciplinary Studies
Abdullah Trfas  Religious Studies | Philosophy | Mathematics
Ana Trujillo  Spanish | Psychology
Stormy Tucker  Spanish
Frank Tummillo  Interdisciplinary Studies
Rachel Turner  Spanish | Italian
Calandra Valencia  Spanish
Diana Valencia  Spanish | Political Science
Matthew Valente  Italian
Ana Valenzuela  Spanish | Criminal Justice Studies
Ivan Vanek  French | Neuroscience & Cognitive Science | Linguistics
Megan Vasquez  Interdisciplinary Studies
Sophia Vassallo  Spanish | Physiology & Medical Sciences
Christina Vazquez  Spanish | Human Development & Family Science
Jose Juan Velasquez  Spanish | Computer Science
Priscilla Vera Caicedo  Spanish
Daniela Villarreal  Spanish | Computer Science
Darianna Villegas  Spanish | Criminal Justice Studies
Matea Villegas  Applied Humanities  
Cameron Walty  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jiahao Wang  Interdisciplinary Studies
Haley Warrington  Interdisciplinary Studies
Joseph Weichsel  Spanish | Nursing
Grant Weitman  Applied Humanities
Lauren Wheelwright  Spanish | Computer Science
Jackson Williams  French | Political Science
Chase Williams  Africana Studies | Political Science
Darren Willis Jr.  Interdisciplinary Studies
Kaleigh Wilson  Interdisciplinary Studies
Matthew Winter  Interdisciplinary Studies
Jacob Wolski  Applied Humanities
Jessica Worley  Interdisciplinary Studies
Nikolay Yakovlev  East Asian Studies | Linguistics
Chloe Zapata  Applied Humanities
Taige Zhang  General Studies

Watch the Fall/Winter 2023 College of Humanities ceremony and celebratory slide show here.