December 2020 Virtual Convocation

The College of Humanities celebrated our Winter 2020 convocation in a live viewing celebration on Friday, December 18.  Videos from our virtual event are available now on YouTube and Vimeo. Dean A-P Durand congratulates all of our prospective BA, BGS, MA and PhD degree recipients! We thank you for your resiliency as we honor your achievement in these unusual times.

ATTENTION GRADUATES: You will receive your College of Humanities medallion in the mail in January along with a printed program for the ceremony. If your name is marked with an * below, we have received your slide content and preferred mailing address. If you have further questions, please contact

Outstanding Senior 

Derek Foehrkolb   

humanities Ambassador Graduates

Rhossy Paul Ouanzin Gbebri   
Madilynn Melodia  
Dzoara Lizeth Ruiz Coronado

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) & 
Master of Arts (MA) CANDIDATES

Amani Alageel  Ph.D. | SLAT
Jonathan Burks  M.A. | Classics
Claudia Cruz Armenta  Ph.D. | Spanish
Tadaomi Enami*  M.A. | East Asian Studies
Yiting Han*  Ph.D. | SLAT
Jhonatan Henao-Munoz*  M.A. | Spanish
Hicham Assaoui  Ph.D. | SLAT
Ziyang Jin  M.A. | East Asian Studies
Nicholas Molinary  M.A. | Spanish
Rodrigo Sanchez, Sr  M.A. | Spanish
Tanya Tercero  Ph.D. | SLAT


Jillienne Aguilera  General Studies        
Maggie Alexander*  French        
Jaffer Ali  General Studies      
Fahed Alneyadi  Applied Humanities        
Saleh Alrayes  General Studies        
Jessica Ameele  General Studies       
Luis Ateca  Applied Humanities        
Lucy Atherton*  Italian, Geography       
Veronica Austin  General Studies          
Pryce Salvant Batey*  General Studies        
Asa Beall  General Studies    
Hilda Begay  General Studies         
Aislynne Black  Spanish, Studio Art    
Austin Buckner  Spanish, Political Science
Matthew Buhl  Russian     
Kaitlin Burreson  General Studies       
Brynn Campagne  General Studies         
Sergio Canez  General Studies       
Naim Castillo  General Studies      
Melissa Cervantes*  Spanish, Global Studies
Michelle Chavez*  Spanish, Political Science        
Dylan Condran  General Studies       
Danielle Alyssa Cordero*  General Studies        
Devyn Cross  Africana Studies        
Carly D'Alessio  General Studies  
Katherine Anne Damon*  Russian, Performance     
Ana Alysia Danza  German Studies, Political Science, Economics
Harold Davis  General Studies 
Sarah Davis  General Studies              
Erik Davis  General Studies      
Priscilla Anne Raver Del Moral*  General Studies      
Maxine Denboer  German Studies, Accounting    
Rose Detloff*  General Studies        
Aileen Dingus*  General Studies            
Demetrius Drake  General Studies        
Dominic Duarte  General Studies         
Robert Dybus  General Studies     
Jack Fascenda  General Studies          
Ruth Fenchak  General Studies   
Jamie Fiero  General Studies        
Derek Foehrkolb  Russian, Public Management & Policy    
Lamont Frazier  General Studies 
Frank Froio*  General Studies         
Celeste Gabaldon  General Studies       
Peter Gacon  General Studies        
Claire Gardner    Italian, Psychology     
Benjamin Gbora  General Studies        
Waymon Giles  General Studies       
Taylor Gonsalves   Applied Humanities, Communication       
Gabriela Abigail Gonzales*  Spanish      
Dustin Greenfield  General Studies         
Eunice M. G. Greenfield*  Spanish    
Joshua Gregorio  General Studies       
RuthAnn Grumbling  Spanish, Latin American Studies    
Giselle Gutierrez  General Studies        
Kamera Hadnot  General Studies          
Bridget Hamilton  French        
Christopher Hanna  General Studies       
Tiheisha Hardaway*  General Studies        
Zion Harvey  Africana Studies, Anthropology          
Michaela Heilig  General Studies          
Yasmeen Herrick Shojima*  East Asian Studies, English        
Erica Higuera  General Studies        
Nicole Kathryn Hoekstra*  General Studies          
Richard Holt  General Studies        
Jeffrey Howard  General Studies          
Anjiu Huang  General Studies         
江树正 Shuzheng Jiang*  East Asian Studies, Anthropology        
Daniel M. Jimenez*  East Asian Studies        
Kristine Jones  General Studies       
Michael Joseph  General Studies        
Karli Karberg  General Studies        
Libia Keeme  General Studies     
Joseph Keener*  General Studies       
May Kendrick*  General Studies         
Alexa Komatsu  Spanish, Public Health    
Randy Labaut  General Studies        
Samantha Lespron  General Studies         
Landyn Lewis*  General Studies       
Linhan Li  General Studies      
James Densmore Lindroos*  General Studies  
Robert Matthew Lisak*  Religious Studies, East Asian Studies  
Joseph M. Llanes*  General Studies      
Nathaniel Loftus  General Studies        
Adriana Patricia López-Domínguez*  Spanish  
Marcus Lovato*  General Studies  
Boxuan Luo  General Studies        
Martina Macias*  General Studies             
Sofija Markovic  General Studies                 
Aunna Mastro  General Studies        
Akihisa Matsumoto  East Asian Studies, Criminal Justice Studies    
Brenna McClellan*  French, Global Studies      
Brenden Alexander McCollum*  Africana Studies        
Tara Christine Megan*  General Studies        
Madilynn Melodia  Applied Humanities        
Carmen C. Montijo*  General Studies    
Nancy Lucero Montoya-Ijams*  General Studies       
Madeline Gladys Morrow* French        
Pedro Munoz  General Studies       
Joseph Myers  General Studies       
Rokovesi Jenny Naisoro*  General Studies        
Justin Nessy  General Studies         
Chidera Onyeonwu  French, Physiology    
Rhossy Paul Ouanzin Gbebri*  French, Political Science       
Berenice Palomares Topete*  General Studies         
Veronica Perkins  General Studies             
Keanu Pinder  General Studies           
Kaleialoha Pua'a  General Studies          
Ranran Qi  General Studies    
Manny Ramirez  General Studies       
Priscilla Reynoso  General Studies         
David Riegger  General Studies          
Josselyn Rivera Castor*  Spanish                
Liza Marcela Robles Moreno*  Spanish 
Melissa Robles  Spanish           
Rossil Rodrigues*  Spanish           
Dzoara Lizeth Ruiz Coronado*  SpanishBiology    
Michael Ryan  General Studies        
Makayla Scott  General Studies        
Amanda Reneé Shaw*  General Studies       
Zachary Sherman  General Studies         
Mackenzie Shyanne Silva-Magro* General Studies  
Selena Silva  Spanish                
Jacob Silverman  General Studies       
Amandip Singh  General Studies             
Samuel Slonaker  French, Chemistry    
Quinn Smith*  General Studies        
Jackson Sperbeck  General Studies        
Albert Stillman  General Studies     
Jiangyu Su  East Asian Studies, Psychology          
David Torres Pagan  General Studies     
Maria Torres  Spanish, Elementary Education    
Isaiah Lamar Tucker* General Studies      
Kyra Tyler  General Studies      
Riley Urkov  General Studies          
Alejandro Urquides  Spanish, Law    
Dylan M. Valenzuela-Silvain*  Spanish         
Kyle VanAlstine  General Studies       
Adria Isabel Vasquez*  Spanish, Public Health    
Rachael Walker  General Studies          
Yuanming Wang*  French        
Cassandra Watters  East Asian Studies, Psychological Science    
Adina Weiner-Bogielski  General Studies      
Ciara Williamson  General Studies       
Jianglun Xie  General Studies       
Ruitong Yang  General Studies         
Roxanna Ramirez Yepiz*  Spanish        
Kexin Zhang  General Studies         
Yue Zhuo  General Studies        
Jordan Zimmerman  General Studies

(In case you missed it, the College of Humanities celebrated Spring 2020 convocation in a live viewing celebration on Friday, May 15. A compilation of videos from our virtual event is available now on YouTube and Vimeo.)