Crushin’ It: Untold Stories from Hip-Hop’s Founding Days

Friday, October 12, 2018 - 6:00pm
Cans Deli, 340 N 4th Ave

In the late 1970s, DJs and MCs in the Bronx began attracting crowds with innovative new sounds that sparked a cultural phenomenon and transformed popular music. Part of the original Mean Machine crew, DJ Rockin’ Rob would set up turntables and speakers at Clark Park, spinning records until 3 a.m. as he perfected skills like needle dropping and covering up labels on his records so nobody could copy his beats. Meanwhile, DJ Tony Tone put together the Cold Crush Brothers, known for stage-stomping performances as they battled other groups for hip-hop supremacy, earning a reputation as one of the strongest underground crews in history. Join these two early pioneers of hip-hop for turntable demonstrations and untold stories of hip-hop’s founding days. 

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Sponsored by: Loud Republic & Tony Crush Entertainment