Peace Rally: Stand with Ukraine

Tuesday, March 29, 2022 - 11:30am to 1:00pm
Silver and Sage Room, Old Main

Due to forecasted rain, this event has been relocated from the Mall to the Silver and Sage Room in Old Main.


The University of Arizona College of Humanities and Department of Russian and Slavic Studies together stand in support of those in our community affected by the unprovoked attack and invasion of the sovereign nation of Ukraine by Russian military forces.


Join us in the efforts to promote peace in the region and end the humanitarian catastrophe in Ukraine as we:
•  Celebrate Ukraine’s vibrant literary and cultural history
•  Learn about famous Ukrainian poets and artists
•  Sample traditional Slavic foods
•  Share information about how to support humanitarian efforts in the region. 


Speakers will include Tucson City Councilwoman Nikki Lee, College of Humanities Dorrance Dean Alain-Philippe Durand, Russian and Slavic Studies Department Head John Leafgren, faculty from the Department of Russian and Slavic Studies and University of Arizona faculty members who are from Ukraine.

For more information contact: Dr. Colleen Lucey at or Dr. Veronika Williams at